Christmas Gift ideas

Let's go on the Christmas gift hunt for 2019! This year, have you have decided to hunt down something different and unique, however, you are missing the right Christmas gift idea? 
You want to make your loved ones happy but don't know what to give them for that unique Christmas gift?   Well, you've come to the right place,  Offer your friends and family personalised and original Christmas gifts that neither you nor they would have thought of - here are some ideas.

Which Christmas Gift To Give A Woman? 

Does she like pretty jewellery? The Nomination engraved bracelet is one of the most beautiful Christmas gift ideas out there. You can choose among fancy bracelets with engraved messages on or compose your own: it's fast, simple to do and you can make it online. You will find many elegant charms suitable for different interests with intricate detailing and vibrant colours.

To store her jewellery why not offer her a personalized jewellery box to go with it - a lovely surprise to go with the personalised Nomination charms.   Your Christmas gift will make her smile all year round.

Which Christmas Gift To Give To A Man? 

A great gift idea for your husband, dad, brother or friend who like wine is a bottle of champagne.  A sparkling Christmas gift idea that is perfect for the end of the year celebrations! You can complete your Christmas gifts idea with an engraved wooden sommelier box personalised with his name. He will have the impression that he has cultivated his wine and this is a great gift for any wine connoisseur.

Which Christmas Gift To Give A Child?

You want to spoil them, but you don't have enough ideas for Christmas gifts for children? For the little ones, a small Teddy Bear personalized with a photo or their first name is a Christmas gift that appeals to children and parents every time. A gift to cherish for years to come and a sweet memory to look back on.

For Christmas Eve, tell him or her the story of their first name through an illustrated and personalised book. This is a fun and educational gift that will encourage letter recognition. You can even work on letter formation and teach their very first word: their first name.

A Christmas Decoration Gift Idea

As the years go by, and you are short of inspiration to find that unique Christmas gift, don't despair. There are many beautiful decorative and personalised ideas out there that will brighten up your loved one's day.  A photo book makes a lovely gift, or what about a personalized photo frame? Another idea is a canvas of city they love, for example, New York, or a gorgeous view, for example The Grand Canyon to put on their wall. Maybe you can use their own original photo to make the gift even more unique.

So here are some lovely and unique Christmas gifts. I hope you have gained some much-needed inspiration to find that perfect gift.  Their smiles are going to be worth it!



  1. I always struggle with buying gifts for men, so anything which gives me ideas for that is perfect! I love the idea of the jewellery included in this as well, they look like you make it something really unique and special for the recipient.

  2. I'm hoping for jewellery this year. I would love some kind of charm bracelet from my husband.

  3. I love the idea of personally chosen decorations and ornaments for holiday gifts. The person receiving it will appreciate the thought and think of you when they look at it.