Luxury French Lingerie By Maison Lejaby

As I get older I appreciate quality more and think that it's worth paying extra for a little luxury. One of those luxuries I love spending money on is lingerie. Quality luxurious lingerie is beautifully designed, well made,  and makes you feel special. It's a luxury that is my new guilty pleasure.

One lingerie company that is worth buying from is the French lingerie company Maison Lejaby. This is an advertorial with Maison Lejaby but all words and opinions are my own.

Who Are Maison Lejaby?

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Maison Lejaby is a luxury lingerie and leisurewear company established in 1930 in Lyon France. Using the finest materials and expert designers they have created a reputation as having some of the best lingerie, especially cotton lingerie in France. Materials are bought from European fashion houses and cut and sewn together with impeccable skills and craftsmanship. Over the years they have become known as experts in lingerie due to them employing the best craftspeople in the area. 

What Types Of Products Do Maison Lejaby Sell?

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Maison Lejaby products are designed with French know-how and encompass beachwear, sportswear, t-shirts, Yoga and Pilates clothes as well as swimwear, loungewear,  pyjamas and lingerie. 

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Their lingerie includes bras that are full cup, push-up, underwired, strapless and post-surgery as well as full briefs, tangas, thongs, and shapewear.  They use high-quality fabrics in their products such as satin and velvet as well as cotton in their cotton lingerie and plant-based natural fibres.  

Their cotton lingerie range is called 'Cotton's Desire'. Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and is super soft against the skin. It absorbs natural sweat and drys well. The cotton lingerie Maison Lejaby range combines absorption, and softness with exceptional design and comfort. I love the neutral tones for daily use in the cotton lingerie range, perfect lingerie for everyday luxury.

Inclusive sizes 

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The company had a range of bra and panty sizes. The bra sizes 
I feel are inclusive from A cups to FF, G and H cups. Sizes are from 30 to 38. Sizes in other clothes such loungewear, pyjamas and yoga and pilates clothes go from an XS up to an XL. 


La Petite Lejaby

Maison Lejaby is committed to limiting waste and its ecological footprint at every stage of the company's activity to preserve the planet.

Their 'Renew Cult' products for swimwear are made from 100% recycled and recyclable yarn that is regenerated from fishing nets and their Modal is made from spinning plant-based fibres. Their 'Re-make' line is made with unused materials from the rest of their production chain, notably the French lace from their 'Crystal' lingerie line.

100 per cent of their packaging is recycled and recyclable and they are working hard to ensure 30% of their products will be eco-responsible within a year. Their products are delivered by lorry to reduce their carbon footprint too.


Mason Lejaby bodysuit

Maison Lejaby is a luxury French lingerie and leisurewear company that has some beautifully made lingerie including cotton lingerie. If you are looking for exceptional lingerie check out their website


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