How to Style Your New Home Layout With An Architect

Having your home renovated or changed can be a big investment, and you want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect before walls get knocked down and the floors come up! The design stage of any home renovation project is the important phase, as this is what will determine how your home looks and feels when construction is completed. Working with your architect during the design process will be key in ensuring your project is perfect for your tastes and your budget.

You can personalise your home in several different ways, fitting to all budgets and styles. If you need more space, for example, a new bedroom, then a loft conversion is usually the best way to add an extra bedroom to your home. It is essential to have an architect involved in the loft conversion process, as you are going to be changing the structure of your home – and you will be spending a lot of money!

architect plans
For a loft conversion, there are many ways you can style your new space with help from your architect. You can choose to have in-built storage placed under the eaves, which would normally be wasted space. Your architect can split your new space into multiple rooms, including an ensuite bathroom, walk-in wardrobe or even a roof terrace! Adding multiple rooms to a property can improve its value, especially when they are beautifully designed and laid out by a good architect.

loft plans

Of course, a loft conversion may not be viable for your home, in which case you may be considering a home extension. Extending your house can either add width to your property, length or both. Extensions come in different shapes and sizes, and there is a lot of room for artistic license. You can work with your architect to style a glass extension or an extension that creates multiple rooms in a creative format. The best way to approach styling a home extension with your architect is to think of what you want from the space and how it will be used. From that, your architect will be able to propose viable ideas and architectural plans for your new living space.

Now, if you have a big budget, a great home renovation idea is to add a basement. Whilst costly, a basement adds a whole new level underneath your home – and the design options are endless! Have you ever thought of having an indoor balcony? This is a mezzanine and can be created to allow you to look down from the ground floor down to the basement level. You can have a basement kitchen, basement swimming pool and sauna – anything your heart (and budget!) desires! Your architect will be the key to making your dreams a reality.



  1. We have quite a big attic and I have thought about converting it. Interesting post thanks

  2. My mam and dad had an architect when they did their attic and it was absolutely fascinating to watch their ideas being turned into reality and it wasn't the biggest job in the world, but the architect was able to take their ideas, tweak them and make it work.

  3. We did a full house renovation but didn't do too much to change the layout, we knocked down one wall, put up one wall in a totally new spot and knocked out a cupboard. But I bet it must be so satisfying to totally change things up x