8 Best Practices For Social Media Lead Generation For Your Startup Or Business

The advertisement and marketing scenario has changed forever with the rise of social media platforms. Social media leads and marketing tactics are a top priority for every startup or business. Every new business now understands the benefits of using social media leads and brand influencers, and they want to take full advantage of them.

Leads will allow you to have a close relationship with your customers and gain more followers to grow your customer base. Today, we look at how to take your social media game to the next level. Listed here are eight best practices and tips for social media lead generation.

Eight Best Practices and Tips for Social Media Lead Generation

Run Contests on Social Media


Social media contests are one of the most used techniques for lead generation. It is overused because it works. Running a contest on social media benefits your small business in two ways. It generates a lot of leads, and as more and more people participate, it increases the reach of your post. You can promote the launch of your content using videos. Making videos using a free online video maker helps you craft platform-specific content to get the most engagement. It also helps increase your brand's followers. However, not everything is as favourable as it sounds. The leads that you gather are not always relevant. So, you will need to filter for genuine leads.

Geo-targeted Search

These days social media platforms offer geo or location-based targeted options to marketers. This allows a marketing agency to target a particular group of audiences for promo materials based on their location data.

For example, each state or county has its festivals and uses location data. You can customise the marketing materials according to each state's or county's festival. Marketing agencies trust a well-executed social media content marketing campaign to propel your company into the spotlight and transform your followers into fans.

Use of Landing Page

The use of landing pages has seen a considerable boost in recent years, and every other company is focusing on developing and using landing pages for promotions or product launches. They use the landing pages to create a social media buzz before the product's launch, and by the time the launch date nears, they manage to garner a huge fan following.

Suppose you are selling cloud hosting services; you will need to develop a landing page, whether Magento Cloud Hosting or WordPress Cloud Hosting. The use of landing pages is even more important if you don't have gated content ready at hand for social media promos. Also, sometimes people don't like to get interrupted by promotions when they use social media. Unfortunately, a landing page promo is a type of abrupt promotion, so using paid/sponsored landing page promo might be a good idea.

Run Social Media Quizzes

social media

While every marketing agency or video maker tries their best to make their content engaging, it may not turn out that way every time. Interactive quiz content has a 70% higher boost rate, and almost 50% of the participants willingly subscribe to a mailing list, and that's a big win for any agency or business.

Social media quizzes can have a psychological effect on our minds as it compels us to solve the quiz and find the answer. The more people engage, the higher are the chances of gaining more participants, followers, and potential subscribers. Quizzes are one of the most engaging content on social media platforms, and they can generate a lot of leads and increase your brand's value among your user base.

Social Media Advertising

Almost every social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, have the "Lead Generating Ads" option. This is like a gold mine for every marketing agency. With the help of the "Lead Generating Ads" option, you can directly target a customer base with targeted and customised content developed just for them. The whole process is quite simple.

All one needs to do is click a button, fill out a form and submit it. That’s it, and they don’t even have to click on an ad or anything. Since they chose to fill out the form, you can provide them with an ebook or gated content for free as a thank you gesture. While people can hate abrupt promotions, they will never hate gifts, making them so perfect.

Use of Gated Content

Who doesn't like valuable content full of valuable insights about a product? Your marketing agency or video maker can take advantage of valuable content and put them behind a gate. You may experiment with social media likes or follows in exchange for content, which is a valid but underutilised method.

Live Videos, Hangouts, and Webinars

live video recording

While there are a lot of strategies to generate leads, they may fail to get many relevant leads, and irrelevant leads are a potential waste for the business. Hangout sessions or webinars have advanced registration options, and so only those who are genuinely interested will be ones to follow through with such a registration.

While you will lose when it comes to the number of total leads, the ones that do get will be legitimate, and those are the leads that you should be focusing on. Instead of just uploading a pre-recorded product announcement, you can do a live session where your customer base can interact with you when you make the announcements.

Paid Promo

While all of the strategies mentioned above are excellent, they may still fail to attract the expected number of responses. This is where paid promotions come in. Paid promotions offer various options to customise content in ways suitable to specific needs. It helps to reach a broader audience that you will not get using other promotional methods or strategies.


With the proper implementation of these eight practices, your business is bound to see a significant boost, especially with social media contests, quizzes, gated content, and paid promos, among others. You can also combine two or more of these strategies to get even better results.


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