Pros And Cons Of Hiring Wedding Planner

Weddings are stressful. You worry about who to invite. You worry about whether or not your mum will pour wine over your dad’s new wife’s head (again). You worry about whether your intended will actually show up or if you’ll be jilted at the altar.

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So, although it’s your special day, no one would blame you for handing over the organisation of your wedding to someone else so you don’t have to worry over details such as buying enough sugared almonds for the wedding favours.

Is a wedding planner right for you though? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner.

The Pros Of Hiring A Wedding Planner

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Obviously, the biggest advantage of hiring a wedding planner is that they take all the stress away from you. Most of the stress, anyway. Even the best wedding planner in the world can’t guarantee your intended will actually turn up and not run away to Brazil with your maid of honour.

What a wedding planner can do though is give you their expert advice, experience and knowledge. and offer you the best wedding planning services based on your budget.  They’ll know the local market and will get you the best deals from suppliers and vendors and they’ll know the best wedding venues and who makes the best cakes.

Then, when you’ve chosen everything you need to choose, the wedding planner will do all the negotiating and liaising for you, making sure everything’s within budget and in place for your big day. And if something’s not in place that should be on your wedding day, they’ll sort it all out for you, leaving you to concentrate on getting ready and looking your fabulous best.

Even Elizabeth Taylor didn’t get married as many times as wedding planners have seen weddings. Even if you’ve been married before and know what you want to do differently this time, wedding planners have seen all types of weddings and can suggest things you may not have thought of.

The Cons Of Hiring A Wedding Planner

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There are downsides to hiring a wedding planner, of course. The main one is cost. Weddings are expensive and wedding planners aren’t cheap. If you want a wedding on a budget, then a wedding planner probably isn’t for you, even if they can get you a discount on your DJ, champagne and wedding cake.

Something else to take into consideration is, how much of a control freak are you? Although wedding planners will consult you every step of the way and you can have as much creative control as you like, ultimately, your wedding is taken out of your hands and given to someone else to look after. If you like to micro-manage and be in control of every little detail, you’re probably better off organising your own wedding.

Perhaps you’re not a control freak but the thought of someone else planning your wedding for you leaves you a little cold. Having a wedding planner take over your wedding can make you feel a little left out and like it’s not really your wedding at all.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to hiring a wedding planner. What you decide will depend on your personality and budget but, whatever you decide, I hope your special day is as wonderful as possible.

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