5 Ways To Give Your Garden An Easy Makeover

Before long it will be spring, so it's the perfect time to have a garden makeover. With a little time and minimal effort, you can really improve the look of your garden. Just imagine, sitting in your garden with a cup of tea, listening to bird song and looking at the flowers. Sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Let's have a look at 7 easy ways to give your garden an easy makeover. 

1. It's the little things that matter


Firstly take a long hard look at your garden or ask a friend to. What needs to be done straight away? Remove any rubbish in your garden, anything that shouldn't be there and find a place for it. Old bikes in your garden? Put them in the shed or if you are not using them sell them. Pick up the weeds from the lawn and remove any dead flowers. Buy grass seed to makeover the lawn. Just doing a general tidy-up of your outdoor area will make all the difference. 

2. Add hanging baskets and pots

hanging basket

An easy way to add some colour to your garden is to add some hanging baskets or plants in pots. You can buy hanging baskets without flowers for about £5 each. Fill with some colourful trailing plants and you have something beautiful to look at that doesn't cost the earth. You can also get outdoor planter pots and fill with flowers such as begonias, coral bells or nemesia to make a colourful addition to your garden. 

3. Improve your seating area 

garden chairs
Most gardens have an area where you can put some seating. Firstly give this area a good deep clean, brush it over, then use some patio cleaner according to the instructions to remove any stains, black spots and algae. You can even buy biodegradable cleaner which is kid and dog friendly. If you already have garden furniture give it a good wash, or invest in some new chairs or luxury rattan furniture if you have the money.

4. Improve your garden storage


It's useful to have some garden storage especially if you have a small home. A garden shed will make a useful addition to keep your tools, garden accessories, and bikes in and tidy away anything you don't want to see in your garden.  If you have a garden shed already, see if it could do with a lick of paint or wood stain to protect it in all weather.  Garden sheds can be picked up from around £200 but if that is beyond your budget you can still pick up a garden storage box for under £50. 

5. Makeover the lawn the easy way


If your lawn is past its best and you have some money to throw at it, buy a new lawn. This is a quick and easy way to have a low maintenance garden way in no time. You can pay someone to returf it for you or do it yourself. No planting seeds, no spending months waiting for it to grow. Another thing you could do is buy artificial turf. Some of the modern artificial turfs look fairly natural and you won't have to worry about weeds. This is perfect for a low maintenance look. 

So here are 5 ways in which to give your garden an easy makeover. Let me know, do you love your garden or does it need some tender loving care?

*Collaborative post

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