How to Choose An Architect For Your Dream Home

A dream home is a project on which one cannot afford to compromise. If you are planning a dream home from scratch one of the most important things to do is to employ an architect; they are indispensable to plan, design and build your home.

As a future homeowner, you should know how to choose an architect to guide your dream house to completion. This can be an uphill process, especially when it is your first time building a house.

How to Choose an Architect: Understand Your Goals

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Of course, the main goal is to build a dream home; it will be a modern home that will serve your needs and stand out aesthetically. However, if you want to know how to choose an architect, you should break down your goals. 

Here are some of the questions that will align with your goals.

· How big is your family? – This will help you know the number of bedrooms you need to accommodate each member of your family and some guests.

· What amenities do you need? – If you work from home, you will need an office. You might also need a gym if you want to work out from home.

· Do you entertain regularly? – Additions like a bar, movie room or rooftop terrace are entertainment options that will determine the size and the design of the house you are making.

· What is your budget? – The budget of your dream home will impact the design and the size of the house.

Ultimately, you will need an architect who will help you meet your goals perfectly. Architects can guide you but it's useful to know what you want from the start.

How to Choose An Architect: Determine The Services Offered

Most architects offer design planning and drawing as the main function, but reputable ones go the extra steps and offer more services. The best way to know how to choose an architect is by looking at the services they offer.

Here are the popular services offered by experienced and reputable architects such as Humphreysandsons in the UK.

· Design planning and drawing – As mentioned, this is the main function of any architectural firm. They discuss what the client wants and draw it in a professional way. These drawings are used during the construction of the home and when seeking permissions and approvals.

· Permission and approval applications – It is best to choose an architect who will help you during this process. Architects who offer these services are usually experienced and make it very easy for you.

· Legal arbitration – Another popular service offered by architects is arbitration during any legal dispute or agreement processing. This includes a party wall agreement or any other construction dispute.

· Project supervision – Do you want to have an easy time with your project and ensure that construction is up to the standards? Then, choose an architect who will also supervise the work for you. They work in collaboration with the builder, engineer, and other service providers to make sure that your work is done to perfection.

Investigate Their Qualifications

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By now, you have important insights on how to choose an architect. But it's worth researching their experience to evaluate if they will deliver. First, check their architectural qualifications to know if they are supposed to practice or not. This will vary from country to country. 

Also, confirm their practical experience. The best architect should have enough experience and you can see their past projects.  If it is a firm, pick one that has been in business for a long time and have experienced professionals alongside the trainees.

Also, check their endorsements with other companies, big and small so you know they will deliver quality work. You can understand all this by checking their portfolio and reading reviews on their website or other platforms.

Ask About Their Availability

The best architect should be available for meetings and work supervision, this is an important factor to consider.

First, you need to know how often they are available for meetings to prepare the plans and drawings.  Some charge per hour but they should always create enough time for their clients.

They should be available to meet other service providers and supervise the work. With home construction, this can take up to 2 years. Both of you should understand how long it will take to build your dream home. Then, plan how often you need to dedicate time for the project. If you are comfortable with an architect this is generally a good sign, after checking their qualifications, reading their reviews and looking at past projects, then you can hire their services.

Understand Their Fee Proposal

You already know how to choose an architect from the above points, however, there is one more important consideration to make: their fees. The norm is that highly qualified and experienced architects will charge more for their services than those who just entered the market. But you can save a lot of money with big architectural companies in the long run. They often work within your budget and ensure there are no costly mistakes during the project execution. They have the experience. 

On the other hand, you could find a young architectural company with highly skilled architects who will also save you a lot of money. So, choose carefully after doing research and consultation to determine how to choose an architect. One of the best approaches is to ask for a quote from any architect you have shortlisted and check the value for the money on each.

Make Any Other Considerations

To know how to choose an architect, you should make all the above considerations and more. For instance, you should check if they can connect you to other service providers who are equally qualified like them. They usually team up with the best builders, interior designers, roofing experts, and landscapers to mention a few.

With this in mind, then you can rest assured that you will choose the best architect for your dream home. There is no reason to compromise when you have such insightful content to help you know how to choose an architect.

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