5 Ways To Use Your Spare Room

If you’ve got the luxury of a spare room, it’s too easy to end up using it as a dumping ground. Our spare rooms become graveyards for all the boxes we haven’t got around to unpacking yet and stuff we hang on to in case it comes in handy one day (although you and I both know it never will).

You could, of course, use your spare room as a guest room, but if you rarely have overnight guests, there’s no point wasting all that floor space with a bed that never gets slept on by anyone other than the cat or dog.

So, if you don’t want your spare room to be a dumping ground for stuff you never use or a guest room that no guests ever stay in, here are 5 ways to use your spare room for something enjoyable and useful.

Home gym

If you’d love to keep fit but you’re one of the thousands of people with a gym membership going to waste and you don’t live in an area that’s particularly pretty or suitable for walking, running or cycling, you can set up a gym in your spare room.

Depending on your budget and your floor’s foundations, you could buy a treadmill, spin bike, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, kettlebells, weights and a yoga mat, which will allow you to exercise whenever you feel like it.

For added motivation, mount a large screen smart TV to the wall and train away to online programmes such as Les Mills On Demand or Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

Writing room

If you’re a writer, when you were hunting down estate agents in Hammersmith for a new home, you might have looked out for properties with an attic room. We all know attic rooms are perfect for the budding author with visions of penning a bestseller while looking pensively out of their garret window.

In reality, however, we all know that writing consists of 80% being distracted by Facebook, 10% looking out of the window and 10% actually writing.

Also in reality, however, we all know attic rooms can end up being used for storage, so sort those boxes out, get a writing desk, lamp, pot of pens and shelves of books, and at least you’ll look the part.

TV room

Most people’s living rooms have the television as the focal point - not necessarily because they want the TV to be the focus of the room but because televisions are big and black and take up a lot of space.

To reclaim your living room for living in, move the television out of your living room into your spare room and create a television room with comfy chairs and sofas, a large-screen TV and surround-sound speakers.

Craft room

If you usually get creative on the dining room table, you’ll love the luxury of a craft room. You can leave all your crafty bits out and won’t have to pack everything away each time you want to eat your dinner.

Line the walls of your spare room with shelves and pegboards, invest in some Kallax units and create the craft room of your dreams.

Dressing room

A dressing room isn’t as indulgent as it sounds. Building a fitted wardrobe and other storage into your spare room to house all your clothes, accessories, make-up, jewellery, shoes, boots and bags means a clutter-free bedroom. A messy bedroom can lead to sleeping problems, so moving everything into a dressing room will create a healthier sleeping environment.

There are just a few ways to make the most of your spare room. Too many spare rooms are neglected by being full of boxes that never get opened or beds that never get slept in. Bring some life back to your spare room by using it to its full potential.

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