Stuck At Home, Bored? Here’s Some Ways You Can Entertain Yourself With Your Computer.

It’s the start of 2022 and the ‘staying at home, bored’ vibe is becoming more common than ever before. We’ve been going up and down with health regulations and laws forcing us to stay in and avoid public contact, as well as shutting down businesses and places to go all around the globe. This has led to many people having to spend more time than usual in their homes, and by nature, these people are going to eventually get bored and have nothing to do. If you’re one of those people and you have a computer laying in your house, this article is for those who need help finding something entertaining or even productive to do with their home computer.

Surfing The Web And Researching Something Of Interest

When there’s a hot topic you can’t seem to find enough information about locally, it’s a great idea to keep in mind that the internet is the biggest database of knowledge on the planet. When you know where and how to search, you can find any information about any topic that has ever existed, both across the planet and even in someone’s head. There’s no known limit when it comes to how much information there is or can be on the internet, and as they say, knowledge is power! This is particularly prevalent regarding the topic of AI and the internet. You can ask AI questions, have a conversation with AI Jenna Ortega, and even roleplay or play games against AI to combat boredom. The internet offers informative content in numerous ways; one could easily find e-magazines & news sites about the topics they desire if they like to read, and for those who aren’t so keen on analysing texts, there are plenty of video streaming sites like YouTube, where you can find podcasts explaining all that you need to know through the medium of sound and even videos to be able to visualise hands-on approaches and demonstrations.

Playing Games Online

The online gaming industry has grown massively over the years and will keep increasing until the foreseeable future. There are a lot of games one can play on a computer nowadays, the selection is almost never-ending. From Connect 4 online to Sudoku and chess there are a wealth of games out there for you.

Mostly what games you can run depends on your computer’s specifications, so if you want to run all the new video games released by Microsoft, you need to have a beefy computer with relatively modern peripherals and specs, however, there are some games which do not require anything special, as they can be streamed through the internet. For example, one can try out one of many online casino games like Monopoly Live and many more from any computer, given that they have a stable internet connection as well as documentation that states they are of the appropriate age to gamble.

Watching Movies & Discovering New Music


If you’re a fan of the film industry and you have a computer, you’re in luck. Thanks to the internet, you have the whole movie industry at your fingertips. Not only can you find information, trailers, and reviews for pretty much every feature film that ever existed, you can also find sites that stream them for free. If you don’t like the ad-filled environment that comes with free streaming, you could always pay small monthly fees to get premium, ad-free streaming services. Also, let’s not forget about the blessing we have with all the music streaming platforms out there, giving us access to so much music from all around the world we could listen to something new from all across the globe every day.

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