Step By Step Guide To Buying A Wedding Ring

So, the big day has arrived and you are planning to buy a wedding ring. No wedding is complete without a wedding ring, and, to buy a wedding ring for your spouse is perhaps the most important purchase of your life. In fact, many men don't wear any other type of jewellery. It's obvious that you should select something that you believe they will like - as they will be wearing it for years to come.

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My step by step guide to buying a wedding ring outlines the measures you should follow to ensure you get the correct ring. Have a read!

Set your budget

Contrary to common misconception, the ring does not have to cost a fortune. What is essential is that you pay what you can possibly manage and get the most value for your money.

Keep in mind, while buying a wedding ring precious metals cost more than costume jewellery but last a lifetime. If you can afford it you can buy a wedding with gemstones but it is not expected. A plain band is standard.

Type of metal

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When a man or woman buys an engagement ring for their partner, the ring is usually made of white or yellow gold, or platinum with one centre diamond, and possible diamonds around the band.

The wedding ring generally matches the engagement ring in the same metal. For a man, although it is custom to wear a wedding ring in the same metal as their partner, it doesn't have to follow. Wedding rings can be of gold, platinum, palladium or silver, whatever suits your lifestyle and budget. All that matters is the quality. If they have a manual job platinum and palladium are the hardest metal. 

Align it with the engagement ring

As you are now getting married it's obvious that you already have her an engagement ring. So when buying a wedding ring keep in mind the design of that engagement ring.

Make sure the designs align with each other so she can wear both of them at a time. You may want to buy a wedding ring that is shaped to match the engagement ring and allow for a centre diamond. The band of the ring should be a similar shape too so that they sit on top of each other perfectly. 

Do comparisons

Make some comparisons before selecting the perfect wedding ring for your life partner.

Even though it is not mandatory, it is beneficial to start looking for a wedding ring a few months prior to the wedding. You'll have enough time to choose the best jeweller, decide on your selections, purchase any custom items, and have the jewellery manufactured and dispatched.

Select your setting


You may discover settings to complement every personality, from the simple beauty of a plain band to a channel setting to the elaborate details of a micro claw setting.

If you want a diamond wedding ring, pick a gypsy setting (also called a rub-over setting) if your wife-to-be or husband to be, leads an active lifestyle or has hands-on work since it has tiny diamonds that are set into the ring and do not stick out.

Give a touch of special meaning

When your ring has an additional meaning, it enhances the tale of your marriage and relationships.

Luckily, there are several methods to include sentimental meaning in your wedding ring. You may wish to have your grandmothers ring melted down to make her wedding ring. You could also have your name or date or marriage engraved on the back of the ring. It will make the ring more special and memorable.

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