5 Reasons To Move To Essex

Essex has been the butt of jokes for decades, with the negative connotations of the stereotypical Essex Girl not helped by the arrival of Sharon and Tracey on our television screens in the BBC’s Bird’s of a Feather in the 80s.

Then, just as we hoped the Essex Girl jokes were dying down, along came TOWIE to remind everyone how fake, vacuous and dim people from Essex apparently are.

Of course, Essex isn’t all about the fake tan, fake teeth and an accent that could strip paint - Essex actually has a lot going for it and of course, Essex Girls are intelligent too! Below are 5 reasons to move to Essex.



Everyone loves to be beside the sea and Essex has tons of it. 350 miles of coastline and 18 beaches of it, in fact. So, if you want to be beside the sea, Essex is the place to be.

You’ll find something for everyone along the Essex coastline - whether that’s funfairs and amusements, something more solitary or you could even walk along the world’s longest pier. Southend has plenty of free things to do with children as well. 

That’s right, you’ll find a 1.34 mile-long pier in Southend and, if you’re lucky, you might even find Jamie Oliver and some celebs at the end of it, as that’s where he filmed his Friday Night Feast series with his old mucker, Jimmy Doherty.

colchester castle

If lazing around on the beach or hitting Jamie Oliver up for his vegan chocolate tart recipe isn’t your thing but history is, Essex has you sorted.

For a start, Chelmsford has the kudos of once being the capital city of England. Admittedly, it was only for a few days but still, better to be a capital once than never, eh?

Faring slightly better on the historic front is Colchester, which has the prestige of being the UK’s oldest recorded town, along with being the Roman capital of Britain.

Colchester is also a must-visit place for castle lovers, with Colchester Castle dating back as far as the 11th century.



If you’re thinking, ‘History is for old people, I’m all about the tunes, man,’ then don’t panic, Essex has spawned plenty of amazing musicians.

Blur (Colchester), Prodigy (Braintree), Depeche Mode (Basildon), The Horrors (Southend) and Crass (Epping) are all from Essex. Yay for Essex.


Essex countryside

Not only does Southend boast 350 miles of coastline and 18 beaches, but it also manages to cram in an amazing 8,400 acres of land, 87 nature reserves and countless parks and green spaces (to be fair, you probably could count them if you wanted to).

With all that sand, sea and greenery, you’ve got to wonder where they have room for any houses, don’t you? There are plenty of houses for sale in Essex though and, if you’re looking for a good estate agent in Essex, look no further than Balgores.

It’s close to London


It’s possibly a little negative to point out a positive of a place is how easy it is to get somewhere else, but being close to London is always a plus.

Whether you want to be close to London for commuting, shopping or entertainment reasons, central London won’t take you long to get to from Essex by car or train. And if you want to go further than London and travel abroad, Essex even has its own airports.

Another bonus of Essex’s proximity to London is that you won’t pay London property prices but being close to London will make your property more attractive to potential purchasers should you wish to sell in the future.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to move to Essex. Forget the stereotypes of Essex Girls and embrace the positives!

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