Top Tips for A Low Maintenance Garden

Do you dream of having a beautiful garden to enjoy during Spring and Summer, but you haven’t the time? Believe me, you’re not alone! When you’ve got a family, household chores and a career to worry about, managing your garden is the least of your worries. However, a relaxing garden space doesn’t mean you have to have the trowel and secateurs out at every opportunity.

You might not believe it, but there are ways of having a wonderful garden space with little maintenance required! If you’re interested in enjoying the perfect, low-maintenance garden, read on.

Choose an artificial lawn

Achieving a fresh, green lawn in the height of summer is one of those things that looks simple to outsiders. However, when you’re maintaining it yourself, it can be a real hassle to keep on top of. A lawn can suffer from bald patches and scorched grass if not carefully maintained. That often means you'll need to lay fresh turf, which can be costly and time-consuming. Even once you've installed fresh turf, you're back to the same problems of maintenance, mowing and more. It's all too easy for grass to grow wild and turn your garden into something out of Jumanji. Thankfully, there’s a solution; one that more and more people in the UK are starting to take advantage of - artificial grass!

Long gone are the days when astroturf was reserved only for sports pitches. With an improvement in quality, feel and depth, artificial turf is becoming a sought-after replacement to be used for garden lawns with no mowing needed. Who wouldn’t want fresh-looking green grass all year round?

Outdoor seating area decking

On a warm, summer afternoon, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside in the garden, listening to the birds tweeting and enjoying the sunshine. However, uneven flagging, or soggy ground after a sudden bout of rain can really dampen your enjoyment.

Huge numbers of homeowners choose to lay decking in their garden. Not only does it provide a practical, versatile space for all weather, but it also suits gardens of all sizes and styles. Simply decorate with rattan furniture, a hot tub or an outdoor grill and you’ve got the perfect space to entertain friends and family throughout the year!

Pebbled or flagged with a flower bed

A great way of keeping a low maintenance garden is by having flags, stone or pebbles laid, leaving flowerbeds in which to plant seasonal flowers or even a small tree such as the Rowan or Alder Buckthorn.

Flags and pebbles aren’t maintenance-free, however. You may find that weeds can penetrate the base cover or grow in between the flagstones so some degree of weeding would be required throughout the year. However, compared to having a garden in full bloom (weeds and all) having flags or pebbles laid is a lot less work to keep on top of.

Limit plant varieties in your garden

Having a wide range of plants in your garden can sound like a dream, but it is also a lot more work. Each plant requires slightly different care to flourish, including different levels of sunlight, water and much more. By utilising only a few different plants in your garden, you can still create a stunning outdoor space, without having to create a bespoke watering and care schedule.

If you really want to cut down on the time you spend maintaining your garden, go for evergreen plants and shrubs, such as lavender. Use these as the main body of your garden and introduce splashes of colour through other means! A great idea is to plant your more vulnerable plants in pots or containers. That way, you’ll be able to care for plants quickly and individually, without worrying about over or under-watering the plants around them! If you do decide to go for container plants, make sure to use large containers. These pots will hold more soil, which helps plants to grow, allows the pot to hold more water for longer and makes more of an impact in both large and small garden spaces!

Avoid pest-attracting plants

Some of the most common plants we choose for our gardens are a delicacy for pests like snails and slugs. If you want to reduce maintenance and prevent pests from damaging your garden, there are some plants you really should avoid. Some of the plants to avoid when protecting your garden against pest intrusions include:

· Sunflowers

· Dandelions

· Lilacs

· Foxgloves

· Fruit Trees

· Sweet Fennel

Before committing to a few plants for your garden, make sure you’ve looked into which pests (if any) they attract, and how you can deal with those pests in the easiest way possible. Plants like Chrysanthemums, basil, garlic and rosemary will help repel pests.

When you’re looking to create a low-maintenance garden, it’s all about being clever during the planning phase. Artificial grass, like astroturf, clever plant choices and the intelligent use of non-green spaces can really help you to make the most out of any garden space.

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