Why You Should Consider Using Natural Protection For Your Garden Growing Needs

Many of us when new to gardening may think it a good idea to use artificial pesticides or chemicals to help protect our garden.

At first, you may think this is the best thing you can do, after all, they’re readily available to purchase in all the garden shops. Sadly, you may be doing more harm than good. There are alternative natural options for you to consider which are kinder to the environment, let's have a look at what they are.

Better For The Environment

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A lot of information has been raised in the last few years regarding climate change and the environment in general. Indeed, there is quite a lot that can be done in our own homes and garden. Growing produce, plants and flowers naturally without any toxic chemicals will help sustain normal growth, and help protect wildlife.

Whilst it can be annoying to have crops eaten by pests, there are natural ways to deter them, letting everything run smoothly. For example, there are many common plants and herbs that keep the pests away, such as mint, basil and rosemary that keep away mosquitos and flies. Do some research and you will find lots of naturally occurring insect deterrents. 

Nature is one of our biggest tools when it comes to fighting against climate change, and through replanting and conservation work, we can help make out planet a nicer place to live.

Looks After Your Plants

As I’m sure you can imagine, protecting your plants has one main purpose above all. Keeping them alive. A simple concept, but over the years protection went from a simple scarecrow in a garden to scare away birds, to using unnatural chemicals to kill anything that comes near.

This eventually led to more and more corporations adding in pesticides that were getting stronger and stronger. Many of us would prefer to use more natural methods to keep pests at bay and lots of us have realised that it’s better for all involved to go natural. This is where we’ve started to see innovations such as in thermal protected settings. Thermally protected nettings are designed to cover your plants, stopping both insects and pests from getting in, as well as nasty unwanted weather such as frost.

This way, nothing gets killed in your garden, nothing is poisoned and nothing is damaged. If you’re not sure where to start, then consider looking at Little Fields Farm. They offer a range of different netting options, such as jacket coverings or traditional tunnels.

As well as offering protective nets, they can offer other garden essentials, including plant feed and fertilisers, maintenance products and even water systems. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or perhaps not sure where to start, then they are a great place to browse for inspiration.

Good For Your Health

Staying away from harmful chemicals will also have a benefit to you, as well as to your plants.

When you use chemicals, you run the risk of accidentally getting some in your system in some way or another. Whereas when you go more natural, the risk is almost eliminated. That’s not to say that ingesting organic pesticides is a good idea, don’t ingest any chemical or pesticides and if you accidentally do, ring a doctor.

Gardening itself, as a hobby, also helps support your health. Outdoor gardening will help give your body an injection of vitamin D from sunlight, which helps you fight off diseases and boots the immune system. 

Let me know, do you like gardening?

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