How To Brightly Decorate A Loft Conversion For Spring And Summer

Having a loft conversion can be exciting, as you can design this space for the personal needs of you and your family and decorate it in whatever way you please. If like many of us, you enjoy sprucing up your home seasonally, there are many creative ways you can welcome spring and summer into this space. Some architectural choices are important when designing your loft conversion, whereas other design choices are little additions and changes you can make throughout the year to adapt your space to the seasons. This is an advertorial.

loft conversion

When you initially decorate your loft space, it is wise to be mindful of the colours you choose, as dark colours can be difficult to tie into springtime themes. If you like decorating seasonally, choose a more neutral tone that can be used to accentuate prominent colours in the rest of the
loft conversion. White, cream and paler tones work well in loft spaces as it keeps them bright and airy. Darker colours tend to close the room off and make it appear maller than it really is.

Spring is all about crisp mornings and breathing fresher air into your home, which can be easily achieved with a Juliet balcony in your loft. This is a great addition to a loft space, as it can bring in lots of natural light and ventilation - great in spring and summer especially.  You want to encourage as much sunlight into your loft space and try to reflect it around the room with your wall paint. Choosing skylights in your Simply Loft conversion design stage will help towards creating this bright and airy effect in the springtime.


A design tip that many people forget to consider is the colour and pattern of the bedspread or duvet cover in a bedroom. It can completely transform the appearance of a loft space and is a great way of introducing a spring theme. You can use yellows and pale green inspired patterns or keep it simple with white bedsheets and slightly more colourful pillowcases. Play around with it and see what looks best in your loft conversion. If you don’t have a loft bedroom but have a loft office instead, use light or white painted wood for the shelves and white or a light wood office desk. A carpet in the loft conversion is always good to help muffle the noise. 

Another way to introduce colour into your loft conversion would be to use artwork that features strong colours and supports the idea you want to create. For a summery theme, I recommend seascapes in green and blues.  In recent months there has been a phenomenal increase in people buying houseplants, which can be another great option to decorate your loft for spring and summer. Houseplants are good as they bring oxygen into a room and are said to help improve mood and purify the air. 

Let me know, would you have a loft conversion? How would you decorate it?


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