Exploring Gratitude With Your Child

Any parent wants their child to grow to be a thankful person, appreciative of the world around them, and what that world gifts them. With the help of a Prep School in Surrey, here are some tips as to how you can explore gratitude with your child.

Be A Role Model

thank you card
Demonstrating that you yourself are thankful for the things in your life will inspire your child to act the same. If you make sure to show your gratitude for the things in your life, pointing out how lucky you are, will encourage your child to be very appreciative of everything from the birthday presents they receive, to the food on their plate.

Thank You Cards

Get your children into the habit of writing thank you cards following receiving gifts for their birthday and Christmas. It is a way to teach them how important it is to say thank you, as well as encouraging them to practice good manners.

Find Fun Ways To Say Thank You

Thank you cards may be an important way to practice gratitude, but writing a load of cards could end up feeling like a chore to your children. Try and find ways to make the act of saying thank you fun, whether that’s making the cards yourselves with your kids, or planning a grand gesture to say thank you to someone special like the teacher at the end of the year. Baking a cake, making some chocolates or painting a picture can be another way of saying thank you for example.

Put Things In Perspective

Teaching your children to have some perspective can be a little hard, but it is something that will mean much more to them as they grow up and learn more about the world. Help them learn about other areas of the world where people aren’t as lucky as they are, to help build a greater appreciation for what it is they have in their lives. It will also help them to develop compassion and empathy for other people, helping them to become a more sensitive and considerate person.

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