Santorini With The Kids – A Must Have Guide For FAB Family Holidays

Santorini might be on top of the must-visit list for couples and groups of friends, but it can be challenging to visit with children unless you know what to expect. Come prepared, though, and Santorini will offer you some of the most memorable experiences for you and the little ones. With such profound natural beauty and Cycladic allure, it would just be a shame to miss spending your summer vacation in Santorini for sure. 

So whether you are travelling already and want to book a ferry from Athens to Santorini or you are flying in, here are some tips to help you plan the perfect Santorini family escapade for maximum fun and safe, all-around family-friendly entertainment.

1. Book Your Hotel Early

Santorini is a highly crowded Mediterranean island during the summer months, so ensure you book your luxury hotel in Santorini as soon as you have settled with your plans and dates. Early bookings also enable you to find the best deals for family accommodation, which is big news for a family of four to six.

Plus, most family-friendly hotels like Kivotos Santorini offer an impressive range of amenities and facilities that please even the most discerning guests, kids included! This means that you have a beautiful place to pass the time when the children are asleep or take a nap that could include your own private pool just off your luxury room and ample space for everybody to spread out. Don't forget to book Santorini car rental early too for the best deals if you want to explore the island.

2. Visit The Beaches In The Morning

Santorini beach

The volcanic activity on the island has shaped its shores, which is why you will find beaches with black, white, or red pebbles that are the aftermath of that volcanic activity. The peculiarity of these shores, along with the crystalline waters and the superb seascapes, attract lots of people seeking unique beach experiences.

The downside with these beaches is that the sand gets quite hot after the afternoon. For that reason, ensure you hit the shores in the morning so your toddler can get around on the sand with ease. Now, if you are not a morning type, getting your kids’ feet in aqua socks will solve this problem just fine!

One of the quietest and tranquil shores in Santorini is Perissa and Ammoudi Bay at Oia that dazzle with their natural beauty and the many tourist facilities around.

3. A Tour To The Caldera Is A Definite Must Have


Children absolutely adore the boat tour to the Caldera and the swim to the Hot Springs nearby. You can hike all the way up to the volcano and see the craters and the shimmering Aegean Sea spreading below your feet. You may even have dinner on board and then see the caldera cliffs from up close with a cruise around the base of Santorini.

The end of the day can find you dancing Greek dances with the locals at a seaside taverna while savouring Greek ouzo or wine and captivating vistas of the Mediterranean as the little ones please their palate with delicious seafood and local dishes!

4. Have The Basics Prearranged


Most families with small children admit that their kids adapted to the new schedule much more easily than expected. Also, throwing in an extra nap when the baby seems to need it is key as the child tries to cope with things like time changes and jet lag. When it comes to baby supplies, Santorini has nearly everything you will need. However, do pack some essentials if you are using a specific brand, including organic baby formulas, which are a bit harder to find here.

Finally, a stroller is rather a burden (and inconvenient) here as most streets are cobblestoned. As for car rentals in Santorini, most provide baby seats. The same applies to pickup car services that also supply baby car seats upon request.

5. Wear Lots Of Sunscreen

Santorini village

Santorini is hot and a tad difficult to be out and about with a child, even with a hat. The best course of action would be to wear lots of sunscreen if you must go out around midday or hang out at your deluxe hotel room during the day and enjoy the pool, the coolness of your room, and the gorgeous scenery.

In the evening, you can pamper yourself and the rest of the family with leisure strolls through the streets of Oia, Fira, and the other picturesque Santorini villages and expect to be greeted with a big smile wherever you go. In fact, Santorini is a place where babies and children are absolutely adored, with locals bending over backwards to ensure you have a great time with the family on their island.

For older children, activities like watching a movie at the open-air cinema, scuba diving, and snorkelling will leave them incredibly excited. As for you, you will surely find lots of time to soak up heart-stopping views of the Aegean Sea and share romantic moments with your significant other as the little ones entertain themselves with the beauties of Santorini.


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