5 Of The Best Cultural Experiences In Tuscany Italy

Tuscany, the beautiful region of central Italy, is an amazing place to visit. It has a diverse natural landscape with lush rolling hills, green mountain peaks and soft sand beaches as well as historical cities with architectural marvels such as Florence and Sienna. 

If you are planning a trip to Tuscany there are so many things to do and places to explore. Top of my list is the many cultural experience and attractions.  Tuscany is known for its many UNESCO world heritage sites as well as its art galleries and its strong cultural identity.  Let's have a look at 5 of the best cultural experiences in Tuscany Italy.

Explore Cultural Florence


It goes without saying that Florence is worth visiting and is a popular destination in Tuscany. This historical city known as the birthplace of Renaissance art has so many iconic sites, such as the Duomo cathedral, the Galleria dell’Accademia home of Michelangelo's David sculpture and the Uffizi, an outstanding Renaissance art gallery that houses the Birth of Venus. It's a must-see city to visit if you are into culture and art and was the first place in Tuscany to be declared a UNESCO world heritage site.  Allow two to three days to explore and soak up the atmosphere.

Wander Siena's Streets

Siena in central Tuscany is one of Italy's most intriguing medieval cities. A UNESCO world heritage site it's a place where it's easy to walk, discovering little shops and cafes as you go and enjoying the outstanding architecture. Piazza del Campo is the main square where you can people watch as you stop for a glass of Vin Santo, an Italian dessert wine from this region. Siena is a city in Florence's shadow, but it shouldn't be as it's just stunning. 

Travel Slowly In The Val d'Orcia Valley 

If you think of the typical postcards of rural Tuscany, the chance is you are thinking of the Orcia Valley or Val d'Orcia. Known for its cypress trees, olive trees and vineyards this truly beautiful area has several quaint villages where life goes slow. Montalcino, a classic hilltop town is known for its Brunello red wine, while Pienza, a tiny village is another World UNESCO heritage site with 15th-century architecture. Explore  The Orcia Valley for slow travel when you want to be immersed in the everyday life of the Tuscan people.

Visit A Vineyard Or Two On The Chianti Wine Trail

Chianti wine

With some amazing wines and extraordinary scenery, Tuscany's Chianti Classico Wine Route is definitely worth exploring. Known throughout the world, Chianti red wine is a red blend made primarily with Sangiovese grapes. from this region. Make time to visit some of the ancient little towns along the Chiantigiana scenic road and stop in one of the many vineyards for a tour, soaking up the history of the winemaking process. Fontodi is a well known organic vineyard following biodynamic principles and others include Villa Pomona and Van del Corti. Some are free whilst others charge a small amount and the area has some amazing little restaurants too.

Take In A Thermal Spa

Saturnia Spa

Tuscany has several thermal spas where the water is heated naturally underground and has been for thousands of years. Some like the Saturnia Spa are very well known and offer a range of treatments too whilst others are more rustic and simple. Spa waters are rich in minerals and vitamins and can be beneficial for a range of conditions including skin conditions reducing inflammation and soothing. Some of these spas have gourmet food experiences too. 


Tuscany has a range of farmhouse accommodations, bed and breakfasts and hotels. For a little luxury stay in one of the Tuscan luxury villas available in the beautiful Italian countryside and experience your very own Under The Tuscan Sun moment. 

Let me know, have you visited Tuscany?



  1. Tuscany looks so beautiful. I really love the look and sound of the thermal spas. I wouldn't mind visiting one of them.

  2. This place looks so peaceful and beautiful! Definitely one to put on the bucket list :)

  3. I would love to visit Italy and travel around, we nearly did it a few years ago, hopefully one day I can visit Tuscany

  4. I would really love to visit Tuscany someday. Just wondering, what do you mean by saying that Siena is easy to walk? I mean, I'd love to visit a town in which I can go for long walks, but I'm curious if there are still lots of cobblestones? I mean, I assume there are if it's a medieval site and that would make walking harder for those of us like me who use mobility aids.

    1. There are some uneven paths, I haven't been for a long time but looking on YouTube there aren't many cobblestones. Best to check the official tourist site for accessbility.

  5. Tuscany looks absolutely stunning and has been in my bucket list. I would love to stay at the farmhouse and do some spa while I am there as well

  6. I would love to visit Tuscany - it sounds like there are plenty of cultural experiences in the area!

  7. Florence is on my to visit list and I'd love to visit, plus I'd love to go to the thermal spa's as I've loved the ones I've been to before x