Wheelchair Friendly Activities

It can be hard sometimes for wheelchair users to find things to do and this can be a great source of frustration. Fortunately, there are lots of sports that have been adapted to allow those with a physical disability to participate and this can do much more than give someone a new hobby. These sports could help to improve your physical health, develop new skills, make new friends, develop confidence and much more. Here are a few of the best sports to consider.


Basketball is one of the most popular wheelchair sports in the UK and this is because it is a game that can be easily adapted. This also means that there is a large community for wheelchair basketball and it can be a fun, social and active sport to play, so it can bring many benefits to your life.


Tennis might sound like an impossible game for a wheelchair user, but it is a sport that is growing in popularity in the disabled community. The rules are changed slightly (such as allowing two bounces) and there are even adapted wheelchairs available to make it much easier to play. Just grab a tennis ball and a tennis racquet and away you go.


Hockey is another popular team wheelchair sport that can be fantastic fun. There are also different variations, which give people with different degrees of disability the opportunity to be able to play.


Manual bicycles and hand bikes allow wheelchair users the excitement and thrill of cycling and this can be a superb form of exercise. Not only this, but this can be a sport enjoyed independently or competitively so it can be social but also something that someone can enjoy on their own too.


Adapted dance can be a terrific way for a wheelchair user to exercise, socialise and express themselves so it can certainly be an excellent activity to try. There are many different dance styles to learn and a growing and welcoming community.


Those that like water and the great outdoors might want to try adapted sailing, which can be a good form of exercise, provide a great sense of freedom and develop new skills and knowledge. Transport will be key with a hobby like this, so you may want to look into wheelchair accessible vehicles so that it is easy to get around.


Swimming is another popular sport in the disabled community and those with a wide range of disabilities can participate. It is also a terrific form of exercise as it is a full-body workout and can help many people to overcome some physical limitations.

wheelchair user Marathon

As you can see, there are all kinds of sports that a wheelchair user can participate in. These can be life-changing activities because they can improve physical and mental health, provide a fun new hobby, develop confidence and self-esteem, provide a social life and much, much more.

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