Smart Ways To Get The Whole Family To Spend More Time In The Garden

Fresh air, natural sunlight, and getting closer to nature are all benefits associated with encouraging the family to spend more time out of doors and in the garden. However, sometimes they need an extra push to turn off the TV, put their video games down and get outside. Happily, you can find several suggestions for things that are almost guaranteed to get everyone out of doors regularly. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Make An Area Where You Can Cook 


While you may fancy going the whole hog and installing an outdoor kitchen, complete with granite worktops and a teppanyaki grill. Although, you certainly don't have to create some wonderful alfresco food and get the family out of doors. Indeed, a simple gas or charcoal BBQ will do the job, as long as you mix up the type of food you offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious BBQ recipes online from which you can draw inspiration.


Alternatively, what about a pizza oven? You can DIY these or buy them ready-made if you like. They are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike especially when you instigate pizza-making parties as a regular thing! 

Invest In Some Lighting 

While the evenings are getting longer, there still isn't always as much light as we would like in the garden, something that makes reading, cooking, and eating outdoors more difficult than it should be. With that in mind, putting in some lighting can help you and your family get much more use out of your garden space. There are several lighting options to consider as well, including lower wattage solar mood lighting that can be placed in flower beds, or fairy lights that can be strung from trees that give a pretty magical look to your garden. Alternatively providing some brighter lights by your seating, cooking, and walkway areas is a great approach as it makes this space much more suitable no matter what the time of day. 

Add Some Seating 

Garden seating is another smart way that you can make your outside space more appealing to the whole family. If you are going for a holiday vibe why not choose things like these folding wooden deck chairs for your garden? You may also want to go for reclining sun loungers as these can be hugely relaxing too. However, if you are looking for more of a sophisticated vibe a matching rattan or wicker set with removable cushions can be a great choice. Indeed, look for one that includes modular sofas as this can help replicate the indoor lounge experience out of doors, which can be very appealing for adults and kids alike. 

Put In Some Play Equipment


Last, of all, there is nothing that will encourage the kids to get out of doors more than installing some play equipment. In particular, a climbing frame and swing can work well, even in a small garden. Although, if you are looking to get the kids outside all summer long an above-ground swimming pool can help them recreate a vacation experience in their own backyard.

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