Exploring Creative Writing With Your Child

Creative writing is a form of expression well worth exploring with your child. It can help them in ways that may well surprise you, from developing vocabulary to improving their grammar and communication skills.

To show how you can explore creative writing with your child, I’ve collaborated with a Private School in Somerset to show you how to help them catch the writing bug.

Read Early & Often

reading baby
Reading to your child from a young age is the easiest and probably earliest moment in their lives that you can introduce them to creative writing. Hearing stories will inspire them and get their imagination running, demonstrating the potential of stories to whisk you away to amazing fantastical places. Read to your child from the day they are born, get them used to hearing books and realising that they are something to be treated with respect.

Talk To Them About Stories

Getting your child to talk about the stories they like can help them engage with the art of writing. Ask them their opinions on events and the characters in the story. This will help them think about what makes a story work, and why it is they respond to certain characters, events and details.

Help Them Find Out What They Want To Write About

writing mum and child

Explore your child’s interests with them, and see if writing about what they like is a way for them to get into creative writing. Creating something focused on what they like will make your children much more invested in the process.

Give Them Space To Write

Create an area of the home that can be dedicated to writing. Populate it with their favourite books, and give them all the tools and equipment they might need to begin creating their own worlds. Inspire them to not just write, but to create drawings of their characters, and mind maps explaining elements of their stories in detail. It will help make writing feel like playtime and encourage them to let their imagination soar.

*Collaborative post

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