Completing a Spring Clean? A Guide To Places That Are Often Missed In Our Homes

With Spring well upon us, even if the recent cold weather says otherwise, I am confident that there will be some people reading this who are contemplating their upcoming Spring clean.

While I am confident that those reading this are just as house proud as I am and regularly ensure their homes are cleaned, there are often areas of our houses that remain untouched for vast periods. This is entirely normal! Let’s be honest here, who has the time to juggle regular deep cleans of their houses, along with everything else that life throws at us?

Enough of my rambling, and onto the main event! Detailed below is a list of some of the areas in our houses that often get missed when completing a deep clean, which should undoubtedly be included in your upcoming Spring clean.

Houses big and small, I am confident there is something here that relates to you.


We have all been guilty of skirting over these in our homes from time to time. The baseboard, also known as a skirting board, are in most of the rooms in our homes and are certainly a magnet for dust and other specks of dirt. Ensure that you give these little nooks and crannies some attention when going about your deep clean, will make sure that you do not need to do it again for some time. Easy to clean, this particular job should not take too much time to complete.

Underneath Your Furniture

It does seem somewhat obvious, but it is another place in our homes that often get missed when completing a deep clean. The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ pops into our heads when imagining this! Setting aside a day or two to clean your home does not go without shifting and heaving – safely, of course – items of furniture that have not been moved in some time. There is sure to be a collection of crumbs underneath your kitchen appliances, so what better time to get them swept away than during your in-depth Spring clean?!

This is not just restricted to the larger appliances in the home either. When was the last time the toaster and microwave were pulled out and given a clean underneath? Making a mental note to remember these will ensure that those once untouched areas will be sparkling clean again in no time.

Curtains And Blinds

Something that we are guilty of forgetting, it doesn’t seem like something that needs cleaning all that often but is sure to be attracting specks of dust and dirt like anything. Particularly if you have vertical blinds in your home for practical or aesthetic reasons – they are said to collect less dust than their counterparts but of course, they still need cleaning, so how best do you go about tackling the task to hand?

Make My Blinds have compiled a helpful guide on their site on how to clean vertical blinds effectively and easily. If you are someone who has vertical blinds in their home and wants to know how best to clean them without the risk of damaging them in any way, then head to their website to find out more.

Bins And Waste Disposal

It goes without saying, but no one really likes to go near the rubbish bin when it is full or smelling foul. That's pretty normal, right? With this in mind, it is easy to imagine that the rubbish bin itself often gets overlooked when the rest of the home is given a clean. It is worth adding to the growing to-do list for your upcoming Spring clean.

This does not just mean giving it a wipe down on the outside, although that is important. By providing the inside of the bin a deep clean and even pouring some cleaning products that are packed full of good scents into the bin itself, you can rest assured that your nostrils will be pleased the next time the bin is opened.

While these are but a minimal list of some of the home's commonly missed areas when completing a deep clean, we hope that it has left you inspired and that you have a better idea of what areas in your house you need to focus on in the coming weeks.

Whether you decide to tackle the jobs in a single weekend or over the space of a few days, you can go forth into the summer months feeling house proud, knowing that it is clean and tidy for when we can once again have visitors.

*Collaborative post

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