4 Of The Best Free Online Game Sites

Online entertainment and online gaming is huge. From big-budget games that you can play online, like Minecraft and Pokeman to specialist adventure games like Warhammer to online escape rooms, online entertainment is a trillion pound business. There is also a wealth of free games available too, often in the retro category, like games you played in your childhood.

Do you remember playing Tetris, Space Invaders or Pacman? Well, you can play games like these or very similar games online for free. Here are 4 of the best free online game sites.

duck shoot


CBBC has a number of games you can play for free many with an educational slant. They are all based on BBC programmes so you may already know the characters, from Dennis and Gnasher to the Worst Witch and Horrible Histories and more. Of all these I particularly liked Dangermouse. They also have quizzes and puzzles on the site. You can access these from a tablet, phone or laptop. Especially good for kids this site is super cool as you can play games based on your favourite TV programmes. A site for primary age children or young teens especially.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network TV channel has a range of games that you can play online. There is a large selection here bigger than the BBC and a range of style of game, from arcade to platform, puzzle to racing. The creative games are fun on here, especially if you like drawing. You do have some advertisements here which means the games are free to view. Especially great for kids, you can access these from a tablet, phone or laptop again.

Lock House

Lock House is an online escape room site that you have to pay for but it also has a list of free online escape rooms too. Now I've played an escape room online, and had to pay for the privilege so it's great to know there are a variety of online escape rooms out there that you do not have to pay for. Online escape rooms are great collaborative rooms that you generally do with a team, so it can be fun playing with friends or family. There are even games listed that you can play from a Google Form like a Hogwarts Harry Potter digital escape room. Most of these games are for ages 10 and up.


Plays is a site where you can play video games online for free. What I like about this site is the retro nature of the games which are based on games from the 70 and 80s mainly. Games include Jumper Frog which is based on Frogger, Neon Snake based on the classic Snake game and lots of mini-golf and soccer games. The games are simple to play from a phone or laptop. I liked the Duck Shoot game which was colourful, easy to play with the mouse or keypad, and would appeal to everyone from young kids to adults. Just try to avoid the ducks with the X. They also have more challenging games and you can see the reviews online too. A great fun retro site suitable for children and adults. 

As you can see there are a number of free line games sites out there. You don't have to pay for good quality games these days. Although these games may not be cutting edge or have the graphics you get from games you pay for they still provide an enjoyable experience for all ages. 

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