Holidays In The UK Tips For Travellers In 2021

I think I can categorically say it's been a stressful year. Many of us who love to travel realise that this year restrictions on how and when we can travel mean a holiday in the UK is looking like a sensible option shortly. However, travelling with the Coronavirus around means that some things have changed too. Let's have a look at some top tips on travelling in the UK for travellers in 2021. These tips are based on the UK government advice which can and does change. This is an advertorial. 


child mask

Of course, whether you have had a COVID vaccine or not, hygiene should still be a number one concern. You could in theory get COVID more than once and you could pass it on even if you have had the vaccine.

I would advise making a pack of hygiene purposes for each member of your family. This should include a couple of masks, hand sanitiser and surface wipes.  You may want your children to wear one so look for fun masks and check out the recommended age for wearing a mask. 

I find surface wipes are useful if you are going to a restaurant or cashpoint to wipe the surface and provide an extra layer of sanitation. Of course, you should continue to wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap numerous times a day, especially before and after eating and when in contact with surfaces other people could have touched. Hand sanitiser is a stand by option when you cannot use soap and hot water.


The transport and travel advice is continually changing. Firstly I would go to the Government advice page for your country for the most up to date advice. As I am in Wales it is different to England. 

At the moment the advice is generally to avoid sharing a car with anyone outside of your bubble or household. If you are taking the car anywhere there are some things you need to check. The car may have been standing for a while so check it starts before a big trip, and take it for a drive. Check the oil, water levels, and tyre pressures. If you are concerned it's always a good idea to book it into a garage for some safety checks. If you are borrowing a car for the journey or in between annual policies then you can get daily car insurance. Organising cheap temp cover like this is a good idea when you don't need an annual policy.

If you are going to take public transport you will currently need a mask that covers your nose and mouth. This will need to be worn in covered areas too like bus terminals, airports and railway stations like King's Cross and Paddington Station. Plan ahead and avoid busy times where possible and maintain the 2 meters apart rule from people that live with you.  Current advice is also to avoid consuming food and drink on public transport where possible. Sometimes it's easy to get a hotel near the train station especially for an early morning journey. 


When booking accommodation it's a good idea to check that they have a COVID guarantee that you can cancel if there are any problems related to COVID and you can move your date without losing your money. You may be only able to share the accommodation with your household, you would need to check this on the local government website as this rule is changing.

I would also look for information on their website that tells you what precautions they are taking regarding cleaning. Big hotel chains like Hilton will definitely have this information with more stringent cleaning in place, with smaller places in popular destinations will also do as well, like hotels near Hyde Park. A simple email to them can check what extra cleaning they are taking. 

For reassurance, it's worth taking a cleaning pack with you to wipe down high touch surfaces like remote controls and door handles, when you enter your room or apartment. Some people take their own pillows and bedding, and you may want to consider this especially in self-catering accommodation. You may also want to take an antibacterial handwash or your own soap and towel.


At present cafes and restaurants are only open for takeaway in Wales. In England and Wales, you should be hopefully allowed to eat outdoors soon and then by the middle to the end of May restaurants should be open indoors, but this can still change. When cafes and restaurants do open again there may be limited numbers so if it's a weekend or an important meal, like a birthday I would book ahead to ensure your reservation.

You will most likely need to wear a mask indoors when they do open again, you would need to check with the establishment and the local rules. If you are sitting down and eating then you can remove your mask but moving to the toilet or bar would mean your mask would need to be worn.


Activities may be open in the foreseeable future, like cinemas, gyms, amusement parks, and the like. A general rule of thumb is that masks would need to be worn indoors and social distancing should be carried out. Shops and other businesses may look to limit numbers and masks may need to be worn still indoors. You can get an exemption from wearing a mask for physical and mental issues and it may be sensible to have some proof of this with you when asked why you are not wearing a mask. Check out the Government face coverings page for current advice.

For holiday accommodation and meals indoors you will probably need to give a contact number for contact tracing or to download the NHS Covid-19 app.


Holidays in the UK can now go ahead, but COVID has changed how things will happen this year. Hopefully, with more people having the vaccine every day these restrictions may change as we get herd immunity in the UK. If you are travelling to the UK internationally when restrictions are lifted check if you need a UK tourist visa to ensure your travel runs smoothly and you meet all the requirements at the airport.

Let me know, are you planning a UK holiday? 


    1. There are great reminders for travelers. I think as long as we follow the minimum health protocols, we will soon be able to get rid of this virus.

    2. This is some great advice and tips for people travelling in the uk. We won’t be venturing outside of the uk for a while xx

    3. We have a long weekend in Bath booked for November but I really want to go somewhere in August but hotels and B&Bs are just so expensive then x

    4. I am going away for two nights with a friend and I can't wait! These are important tips to remember.

    5. Great tips! So important to remember to be safe even as restrictions get lax and things reopen.