Refreshing Your Home In Time For Summer

It’s spring and, while the path might be paved with a few windy days, rainy nights, and even the occasional bizarre burst of snow, the days are getting longer and (in general) warmer. That means that summer is on the way and the cosy, warm style of winter decorating isn’t going to suit the season quite as well. A change in the weather is one of the best reasons to redecorate the house, so here are some of the little and large changes you can make to refresh your home in time for summer.

Get the outdoors ready in time

Before we dive into the home to look at the various ways you can spruce it up, let’s look outside. If you have plenty of space in your garden, then why not consider changing up how you use it this summer? With the installation of a Prima Porcelain patio and the right selection of furniture, you could end up creating a dining and socialising spot that allows you to spend the best days of summer out in the sun, eating, chatting, and having a great time. 

Switch up your colour scheme

In the colder months, we tend to stick to much warmer colour schemes, keeping everything rich with dark reds, browns, and amber. However, now that the summer is introducing more light to our lives switch up your decor.  One of the best ways to do that is to choose a much brighter and lighter colour scheme for the home. White is a clean fresh feeling colour and the best at reflecting light around the home, but colours like yellows, oranges, and pastel tones, also work as well.

Free your windows

Similarly, in the winter, we want to keep the heat inside the home. This might mean big, heavy curtains that keep out the light but keep in the warmth.  In the summer, however, why not try a different window dressing to let the light in as best as possible, while still maintaining what privacy and control that you can. Roman blinds can be just the replacement that you want. Adjustable blinds are a modern look and can let light in but can still allow you you to control how much light too.

Consider adding summery imagery

If you want your home to feel like it suits the summer, then you can always use a simple trick of aesthetics to make it happen. We tend to associate spaces and the mood and feeling within them with whatever image it offers in the clearest sense. Nautical themes tend to be popular in the summer because they make people think of travel, the coast, and therefore the beach. However, just choosing great summer art for your walls, such as travel shots or scenes of sunny places can help make your home feel a lot more summery. What’s more, art is a great talking point. 

Bring some life into the home

If you want the home to feel fresh, lively, and in keeping with the season, then what better way than to commit to a motif that suits the emergence of life that spring and summer are so closely associated with? There are a lot of ways to help make a floral motif come through in your decor, but one of the best ways is to add a flowering houseplant to the home. There are plenty of houseplants that are easy to maintain all year round, so you don’t need to worry about how much of a hassle it will be. Adding a little green to a space can make your home feel a lot more relaxed and welcoming.

Switch up the soft furnishings

Good soft furnishings can really help you cement the aesthetic and the feeling of comfort in the home, but  ensure you have at least two sets to switch between to change your look. Instead of thicker, more fur-like rugs that tend to add the tactile cosiness needed in winter, you can opt for thinner throws and more decorative rugs, going for those that have more of a summery design. This can make for a focal point for the room.

Make sure your bedroom is ready

Of course, redecorating for summer isn’t all entirely about aesthetics. It’s also about making sure that each space is more practically suited to the season as well. One room that deserves a little more attention is the bedroom. Winter duvet covers and bedclothes are too warm and heavy on spring and summer nights so instead look at options like Devon duvets, summer covers that are much lighter while still remaining breathable, so you be much more comfortable in your bedroom at night. Lighter sheets can make it feel a lot more suited to summer in there, too.

Use scents to create a sense of the season

The decor isn’t just about talking to one sense, of course. While we might be visual creatures, you should never underestimate the effectiveness of using tools like Molton Brown fragrances to create a summer sensation in the home. Candles aren’t as widely used in the summer in the winter, but those aren’t the only way to spread your favourite scents around the home. There are also things like room sprays as well as reed diffusers to make your home spell brighter and lighter. Scents such as ginger lily, orange, and lemon all work very well for the summer, it’s just about finding which works best for your nose.

Don’t forget to tidy

If you want to make sure that your home’s transformation is set to make the most impact, then you have to take the time to tidy over it and make sure that you’re banishing away any of the feelings of a home that is dusty and cluttered. Dust is super visible in the light, and it has a way of making spaces look a little darker. Not to mention, it makes the home look unloved. There are plenty of great spring cleaning checklists and guides that you can find on the internet to help you give your home the attention that it needs before you open it up to the light.

Your home can make much better use of the light and heat of summer if you let it. You just have to get it ready in time for the season. Hopefully, the tips above help you do just that.

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