Top Tips For Preparing Your Child For Nursery

It can be a hard time for both parent and child when it comes to the move to Nursery. As a parent, you want to be sure that your child is prepared for the move, in what is one of the first most significant moments of change in your child’s life.

With the help of a Nursery in Richmond, I’ve put together some top tips for helping your child be prepared for Nursery.

Meet Other Kids

This is particularly key if your child is an only child. To be suddenly thrust into an environment with lots of children can be quite overwhelming for them. Make sure to have some play dates with other children or parent-children groups ahead of starting Nursery, to allow your child to get used to the idea of spending time and playing with other children.

Time Apart From You

While you will, of course, want to spend as much time with your child as possible, you do have to help them get used to the idea that you won’t be around them 24/7. They will be better prepared for the idea of Nursery if they’re used to being placed in the care of other people, be it other family members or friends, and not constantly relying on you for their care.

Visit The Nursery

Bringing your child to the Nursery ahead of their first day is a vital step to helping them feel prepared for going there. Allowing them to be more familiar with the environment, as well as getting the chance to meet the teachers is invaluable to helping your children feel less intimidated by the new step in their lives.

Potty Training

A lot of Nurseries like children to be potty trained, or at the very least have the awareness to say when they need to go to the bathroom. But accidents can happen, so make sure you pack some spare clothes in their bag when you send them on their way.

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