What Should You Think About When Choosing A Pair Of Shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes can be difficult. Many people walk into a department store and pick out a pair of shoes that are eyecatching that matches nicely with something they already own but are they the best shoes for the job? Have they taken into account the quality of the shoe itself, such as the materials that were used in its fabrication, or for what purpose the shoe was originally designed? Have they given a second thought as to whether a new pair of shoes will be up to the wear and tear they may have in store for them? Sure, there's a shoe for every event but it can be a minefield researching what shoes to buy for your special occasion. Let's have a look at what you should think about when choosing a pair of shoes. This is an ad.

What's the primary function?

You might think this goes without saying, but first, you have to consider the purpose of buying a pair of shoes. You may want to wear them to a certain event, but to get your money's worth you should also think about other scenarios for wearing the shoes. Spending a small fortune on a pair of shoes that are in a unique colour, or to be worn for a single day isn't often a wise choice, in fact, you may even want to look into renting shoes for that occasion.  Think about the type of environment you are likely to wear shoes in. Think long-term about the use you would actually get out the shoes you are contemplating buying.

Same goes for if you have a specific event. Will you be standing all day, walking, running or hiking? Is it a formal event or special occasion that will require a smart pair of court shoes? Each of these categories will require a different make of shoe, boot or trainer. You need to balance up style versus comfort. Think about the brand and its rep

Nike shoes, for example, are a well-known brand that are great for leisurewear and have a reputation for being long-lasting, high tech and in fashion. 


After establishing your primary use for the shoes, the next step would be to test the durability. Depending on your need, you may want a thin or thick sole, with support of your arches. If you are unable to wear them for any length of time before buying use your hands and eyes. Manoeuvre the shoes in such a way that offers a clue about their toughness. Are they durable enough and waterproof enough to weather the harsh elements of an uphill hike? Are they light and supportive enough to get you through a run? It's always worth trying a pair of shoes on in-store or at home for comfort and fit before you commit to buying as everybody's feet are different.


Leather is a popular choice of material for a great pair of long-lasting shoes as they are easy to clean and are naturally waterproof. A leather pair of court shoes should last you for a long time and are great for a smart occasion. An equally durable option is a suede material, which is more casual and requires a bit more maintenance in upkeep. Tip: use a suede brush o clean suede, and spray Scotch-guard to protect them. 

Most hiking boots are made of tough materials and are very likely to outlast any other shoe in your closet. One of the newest materials is mesh which is light, easy to clean and perfect for running and exercise. Most of all they are inexpensive and unique looking but often not as durable as other materials.


When selecting shoes, the insoles are important although removable insoles are often preferable so you can customise the fit to you. This way, you can replace them with Dr Scholl's insoles, memory foam or something orthopaedic to give the shoes that support you need. Just be certain that your shoes allow for the added space your replacement insoles may take up.

So remember, spending money on shoes can be simple if you know what you are shopping for. Often time being specific in your search not only saves time, but it can also save you money because you're not bombarded with images of shoes you don't need; preventing those pesky, last-minute impulse buys. When shoe-shopping, know that the key is to stay the course, taking it one step, at a time. Happy shopping!

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  1. I've stopped wearing heels so much these days. Love my Nike trainers, my Sketchers for walking and my M and S boos

  2. I need to get a new pair of trainers. It definitely pays to think about what you'll be wearing them for. I usually opt for a really comfy pair as I know I'll be doing lots of walking in them.