Embrace The Peaky Blinders Fashion Trend

If you are a big fan of Peaky Blinders, the chances are that you are interested in early 1920s fashion. 

An iconic era, glorified by the BBC drama, has made peaked caps, and the sharp tweed suit come back into fashion. Peaky Blinders fashion transcends the odd coat or top or dress. It is a whole aesthetic look that requires time and dedication. If you fancy getting into the Peaky Blinders trend, take a look at these clothing items to give you a 1920s Birmingham gang-style vibe.


Tweed encompasses a texture and a material that exudes 1920s style. You could choose to show off your tweed styling in a sharp power dressing trouser suit or in the detailing of the jumpers available at Glencroft Countrywear. With beige tweed flecked with orange or grey tweed to harness early twentieth-century precision, this material harks back to the Peaky Blinders Era. You could choose to couple your tweed detailing with a waistcoat or a jacket. Crisp sharp lines are important in the Peaky Blinders world. Straight lines and a sharp finish is the trend rather than bouffants and bold colours. Try and source items that are made with wool to obtain a more authentic look.

Oversized Coats

A key facet of your Peaky Blinders style should be the oversized coat. This could be a large boyfriend blazer or a mac style wraparound. Go for the black, grey or beige colours to harness the 1920s simplicity. Oversized coats are flattering to many figures and are for function rather than aesthetics. In the 1920s they would hide contraband or weapons. Now, they’ll hide your thighs effectively! Go for a coat that you can mix and match with a pair of skinny jeans or your trouser suit depending if you are after a formal or more casual look.

White Shirts

Even though Peaky Blinders is a male-dominated world, you can take some of the more masculine stylings and give it a feminine slant. White shirts, whether collared or grandad style will carry on the crisp lines required from your 1920s fashion homage. You could couple the white shirt with some pinstripes or kitten heels. Taking a fashion trend and individualising it is part of the fun. You still need to look bespoke rather than generic when on the high street. You don’t want to look like you have stepped off the Peaky Blinders set, you want to give the 1920s fashion style a bit of a wink. White shirts look great with a tweed waistcoat and a bellboy style cap. Peaked caps look smart for commuting and casual chic for a summer picnic in the park.

Peaky Blinders has been a phenomenon. It has brought attention to a style in Britain that is now capturing the attention of many fashionistas across the globe. A unisex style trend, tweed, crisp lines, flat caps, waistcoats and pocket watches can make your attire ooze a little bit of 1920s grittiness and glamour.

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