5 Home Schooling Activities During Lockdown

Since schools in the UK are currently closed, parents are forced to home school their children. This doesn’t come naturally to all of us; we are not teachers, and therefore struggle sometimes to ensure our children are motivated to learn despite not being in a classroom environment. Try not to let it stress you out too much, as there are so many opportunities for our kids to learn in the everyday activities around us. Here are five ideas from a day and boarding school in Letchworth to get you started. This is an ad.

Grow Your Own

The weather is starting to brighten up, which provides you with a great opportunity to get outdoors if you can. Growing a vegetable patch is a fantastic learning activity for children because it teaches them about fruit and vegetables, seasonality and germination. What’s more, it will teach them important personal skills, such as patience and determination. It’s also very rewarding because once everything is fully grown, your child will experience the pleasure of picking and eating their very own produce.

Start a Book Club

Reading is a fantastic way for children to boost their spelling and grammar skills and boost their vocabulary. Perhaps you could start your own book club as a family, in which you all pick an age-appropriate novel to read which you can discuss and explore with one another each day. Encourage your child to pick out some of the key elements they notice in each genre and ask them to share with you what they like and dislike about the book.

Bake a Cake

Baking isn’t just fun and delicious, it’s also very educational for young people. Measuring out ingredients and decided how long to put each item in the oven allows your child to work on their numeracy skills. Reading the instructions is great for English and watching the cake rise in the oven provides an element of Science to the activity.

Play Board Games

Lots of board games are great educational tools. Monopoly, for instance, will encourage your child to add and subtract when they’re buying properties or paying other players. Scrabble will help your child with their spelling and vocabulary. Generally speaking, board games are great for teaching your kids the importance of taking part and persevering, even if they don’t always win.

Prepare a Bird Feeder

There are lots of instructions online on how to make your very own bird feeder. Getting crafty is great for kids as it allows them to express their creative side. What’s more, by inviting wildlife to your garden, your child will learn about different species of birds.

As you can see, there are lots of ideas when it comes to enriching your child’s education. Not all learning comes from books but as long as you continue to stimulate your child’s brain during the lockdown, they are less likely to fall behind. If you require some more advice, you could contact your child’s teachers and ask for a copy of the curriculum so that you can try and tailor your activities to suit the lessons they would’ve been having if they were still in school.


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