What Are The Benefits Of Having A Good Set Of Blinds?

When you purchase something new for your home, you want to make sure that it provides value, not only in terms of its aesthetics but how it provides functional benefits to you, this is why we love beds with storage in them. So with that in mind, I recently spoke to the experts at DotcomBlinds.com to understand what the functional benefits of having top quality blinds are. This is an ad.

Blinds Can Cut Your Heating Bills

It’s a known fact that in the Winter, your heating bill skyrockets as you spend more money on keeping your home nice and toasty, but there are areas in your home that cause your house to lose some of the heat that’s been generated.  The biggest offender for this is windows, which can cause a lot of heat leakage.

To stop warm air being lost to windows in your home, insulating blinds trap all the warm air inside your room and trap the cold air outside from ever entering your room, this means that you don’t need your heating on as high or for as long in the winter to warm up a room, as less heat is leaking out.

Blackout Blinds Help You Sleep Better

Have you ever found it hard to get to sleep at night because your room is too bright from light leaking into your room through your window? It’s a pretty common issue we all deal with, light pollution makes it harder to get yourself to sleep and can also rouse you during the night causing you to wake up at weird times.

Luckily blackout blinds can stop light pollution making its way into your room, blackout blinds fully block out light from outside giving you a perfectly dark bedroom to sleep in. With a darker bedroom, you’ll find yourself getting to sleep quicker as well as not waking in the night by light from outside.

Stop Sun Glare Without Cutting Out Natural Light

We’ve all had the misfortune to have the sun beaming directly onto your TV screen on a nice day while you’re trying to binge watch something on Netflix, making it impossible to see what’s happening on the screen. If you have a set of curtains, you’d usually close them to remove the glare, but you end up plunging your room into darkness with no natural light.

This is where blinds come in handy, as a set of blinds can provide a nice middle ground as they’re more adjustable than curtains, you can partially draw your blinds or even adjust the angle of the slats, this allows you to keep natural sunlight coming into your room, without it disrupting your vision.

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  1. I am hoping my landlord lets us change some of these curtains for blinds - they are a much better option especially as they'll help us cut our heating bills.

  2. When we moved house, we ensured that each of the bedrooms had good blackout blinds. Especially as the children gain the last of the summer sun on an evening so wanted their rooms to be as dark as possible.

  3. For years we have had blackout blinds to help in the bedrooms, in both our last two houses we have had to buy them all, even in our newer house the odd downstairs room has some blinds also, so i completely agree with this, great post.

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra23 May 2020 at 14:12

    Blackout blinds were a lifesaver when I was working night shift. I found it very difficult to sleep after coming home from work. The sun was way too bright to sleep. Thankfully, my husband had black out blinds installed. That helped a lot!