How To Store Jewelry In A Wood Jewelry Box – Solid Wood Boxes

Jewellery is precious and can be very expensive so it's important to take care of your jewellery so that it doesn't become damaged.  Instead of tossing everything to your wood jewelry box, sort through and arrange your jewellery. If you want to know more about how to organise your precious jewellery, then read on.

Sort through your gold and silver

The first thing that you need is to empty the jewellery box. Place a clean cloth down so your table won't get scratched and then empty the box.

Start by untangling bracelets, long earrings, and necklaces. Separate them carefully. If you are having trouble untangling the knots, a small amount of baby oil can help. Sliding needles or safety pins can also help at the centre of the knots, especially if you have thinner chains.

Before you store your silver jewellery, be sure to wipe it to remove perspiration.  Silver jewellery can tarnish so it is best to store it in either an airtight container or in a tarnish-proof cloth away from the air. Pop in a small sachet of silica gel which absorbs moisture. All this can help stop silver jewellery from turning black.

Put jewellery in their groups. You can store the items together as a set or in groups of gemstones or in groups of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

eparate them into compartments

If you are using a solid wooden box, you can separate them by adding wood in between. Some organisers are already built-in and have different sizes of compartments, slots, and drawers.

If you are into arts and crafts, you can make your organiser yourself but you can purchase ones that already have the compartments that you need.

It's sensible to sort out your jewellery once a month. This way, you can see if something is missing or broken and keeps everything tidy. You may have a pair of earrings at the back of the box you have forgotten about, checking your jewellery box every month will help you rotate your items. Read more about jewellery storage here.

Why Storage Is Important 

Learning where and how to store your silver, gold, diamonds and other gemstones is essential. Many gemstones are fragile, and they should be protected. When you store them neatly, you also make it easier to remember where you can find them. Here are some points on how to organise your jewellery. 

  • Other stones can scratch some precious gems if you don’t keep them apart.
  • You can wrap them in fabric, especially if you have a small wooden box as storage. Note that diamonds are extremely hard so can scratch different stones, and pearls can be easily damaged.
  • If you want to pair your pearl earrings together, you can attach them to ribbons. This way, you can still find the tiniest pearls easily, and they won’t go to the bottom of the box.
  • If you have lots of necklaces, you can wrap them individually in a piece of tissue. Some bracelets and thin gold chains will tangle into knots if you don’t separate them.
  • If you prefer wearing specific pieces of jewellery every day, you should separate them from the ones that you occasionally use.
  • Be careful with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Agate, topaz, amethysts and other gemstones should be stored in a cool, dry place. Amethysts are one of my favourite gemstones, find out more about the beauty of amethysts when you click here.
  • You can ask a jeweller for specific storage advice so that your gems lustre will last. Never use hairspray or body lotions near jewellery. Use these items before you put your jewellery on.
  • Anything valuable should be stored in a secure jewel box. Make sure that you are the only one who knows where the key is located. Keep your very high-value items in a safe.
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