9 Ideas For Quarantine Gifts

Has there ever been a better time to be sending gifts? While the world is in chaos, some people have lost their jobs, everyone is stuck at home and not allowed to see any friends or family they don't live with. Some people are celebrating their birthdays alone; others are having to spend what would have been their wedding day sitting at home, women have to give birth without their partners present and then, of course, there are the people who are ill at home or in hospital suffering from Coronavirus and those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

It's safe to say that there's someone in your life who could probably do with a bit of cheering up, and while you can't go round and give them a hug, then sending them a gift is the best way to let them know that you're thinking of them. So, what are the best quarantine gifts to send during the COVID 19 pandemic? This is a collaborative post.

Photo Canvas prints

Going through your photos will not only give you something to do and keep you busy, but it will also make you happy and bring back some lovely memories. Then once you have picked out some good snaps, you can immortalize your best photos with a photo canvas print and send it to that special friend or family member who needs a bit of cheering up. It could be photos of you two together, or you could go through their Facebook photos and pick ones you think they would like on a canvas print.


You can't go wrong with a bunch of flowers, they always make people smile, and not only that, but there are flowers for every occasion and every budget. You can easily order a bunch of flowers online to be delivered to your friend and send a card with a nice message on it too.

Hamper of snacks

Most people are getting through isolation by doing a lot of snacking - and why not? There's not much else to do. You could either buy a ready-made hamper of snacks online or alternatively order your friend an online shop of their favorites and get it delivered to their door.

A streaming service

Another thing that is getting people through this time is the TV. Why not treat your friend to something like Disney+, a few Disney classics are bound to make them feel better as well as give them something to do.

Big jigsaw

You can buy a 1000 piece jigsaw online and give your friend a challenge. What's great about jigsaws too is that you can get some beautiful pictures, and once your friend has completed it, you could get them some jigsaw glue so that they can keep it together and frame it.

Colouring book

Adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular, and COVID-19 will no doubt have contributed to this. It's a lovely gift to send someone and isn't very expensive. Colouring in can really help with mindfulness and relaxing, so if you know someone who could do with something to help them take their mind off things, then a coloring book could be just the gift.


There is some great stuff on sale at the moment related to the pandemic, whether it's rainbows for the NHS, a sweatshirt saying 'What day is it?' or '#Stayhome' a gift like this will not only put a smile on someone's face, but it will be a great keepsake to remind them of this time in history. In fact, a COVID-19 piece of clothing might even be worth something someday if you don't fancy that though, a nice pair of pajamas or a comfy tracksuit will no doubt be appreciated.

Facebook Portal

The adverts are everywhere, but the Facebook Portal is becoming increasingly appealing during the COVID pandemic. But what is so great about this device that makes it any better than using your phone or laptop for Zoom or FaceTime? The Portal's Smart Camera automatically adjusts to wherever you are - so it's just perfect for grandparents to follow their grandkids around the room.

A Shakti Mat

A Shakti Acupressure Mat is a daily self-care tool based on the Indian bed of nails. These mats are really affordable and can help you to relax your mind and body in just 20 minutes. If you know someone who could do with a bit of extra help relaxing, then give this a go.

All of these gifts don't require you to touch them; you can simply order them online and get them delivered either digitally or straight to your friend's door, making them perfect for staying safe and socially distancing.

*Collaborative post

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