I’ve Been Working From Home And I’m Bored

If like many others since the beginning of the lockdown, you’ve started working from home, you may find the situation difficult. When your home also becomes our workplace, it can be tricky to establish a healthy balance. Besides, you can’t exactly keep work out of sight. As a result, many new home-based workers are finding it hard to tackle their new challenges. Your home, which is supposed to be the place where you can relax, also becomes the heart of your job. The borders are blurred out. Are you at work? Are you at home? You can’t tell anymore. And with every day that passes, the situation becomes more straining. How can you fight boredom and mental drain when your office is at home?

You don’t leave time for anything else

Contrary to common belief, people who work from home tend to work longer hours. Indeed, it’s hard to know when the day is over when you’ve got no commute to worry about. The 9 to 5 day rapidly turns into a 5 to 9 routine that takes over your life. In the long term, mental stress and exhaustion are going to affect both your performance and mental health. If you’re going to be productive in your home office, you need to establish a work routine that leaves room for your social life. Make sure to set a strict schedule at the desk. Plan breaks throughout the day, as you would in a typical office. Lunch break, coffee breaks, and catchup chat with your coworkers are some of the most popular ways to relax at the workplace. You should try to bring these into your home office too. Similarly, make a point of leaving the desk every day at the same time.

Your home decor lacks excitement

Your home office is a work in progress. A lot of professionals have been forced to improve during the lockdown. Some work from their kitchen table; others have turned the bedroom into an office. It doesn’t matter where you set your home office. You need to make it work and make it exciting enough to sustain your attention. If the view out to the garden is unappealing, you can buy grass seed in bulk to quickly fix the issue. Is the wall uninspiring? Nothing that a few frames or a quick coat of colour can’t fix.

You need a simple daily reward

It can be a good idea to introduce a reward into your daily routine as a way of marking the end of the workday. Something as simple as a fresh brew or a deliciously hand-whipped dalgona-inspired coffee can help to relax after work. If you’re not one for sweet drinks, how about subscribing to a snack service such as Graze? You can receive healthy and portion-sized snacks to give you the boost you need.

You’re lonely

Working from home may be safe, but it’s a solitary position. But nothing is stopping you from reaching out to your friends and coworkers outside of working hours. You can plan virtual quizzes or online escape games together. Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with friends.

Working from home is the safe answer to COVID-19. But as safe as it is, it also affects your mental health. Overworked professionals need to transform their home office routine to bridge the gap. Remember, you’re only as bored as you choose to be. You can turn the home office life into a happy place!

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