Tips For A Better Work From Home Experience

Working from home is convenient, and many working parents, carers and those with disabilities find it to be easy to fit around family life. At the moment many more of us are working from home than normal and you will find that you have to adjust to this new experience. You may find the environment distracting, you may be developing poor posture due to not having a proper office chair, you may find it difficult to get into a routine and you may even work more than normal. So it's good to have some best practices in place.

Similar to working in an office environment, it’s all about balance and not spreading yourself too thin. It will help if you’re self-disciplined and committed to staying focused during your working hours. Apply these tips so you can have a more successful time working from home and not succumb to falling off track.

Have A Dedicated Office or Workspace

You must have a dedicated office or workspace if you want to have a better work from home experience. It can be useful to have a home office with a door you can close to shut out any noise and windows that draw in natural light. You might also want to consider putting in a garden office in your backyard so you can get out of your home when you choose. If you’re interested, this page has more information so you can see examples and find out more about the installation process.

Take Regular Breaks

Another way to ensure you have a better work from home experience is to take regular breaks. It’ll help you to clear your mind and be more productive throughout the day. Use these breaks to fill your water, stretch your legs, and give your eyes a rest from looking at the computer screen. It may be best to set an alarm and schedule breaks, so you don’t put them off or forget to remove yourself from your work and practise self-care. Why not build in a walk into your lunch break to get some fresh air and exercise? Working from home means it can also be easier to take breaks to attend any appointments.
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Use Technology To Stay Connected

It’s easy to self-isolate and be anti-social when you work from home. However, it’s still important to maintain connections and relationships even though you’re not in an office environment. Use technology to your advantage and to stay connected to your boss and coworkers. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, send an email, or use a videoconference platform when you have questions or need guidance. You may even want to go out for lunch or visit the office in person once in a while to help you stay connected.

Get Into A Routine

It’s easy to do as you please and get distracted when you work from home. Therefore, you can have a better experience when you get into a routine. For example, wake up early and take a shower and get dressed, break for lunch, and have a time you end and shut down your computer each day. A routine can help you structure your day so that you’re productive and don’t overwork yourself.


These are a few tips that will help you have a better work from home experience and not regret your decision to choose this lifestyle. Give them a try and see what a difference they make for you. Take your situation seriously and set yourself up for success so you can make working from home a reality in your career.

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