Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own

Certain fashion comes and goes and high fashion changes every season but there are certain fashion items every woman should own in the modern age. 

Lifestyle obviously plays a part in what you wear every day but having a basic yet versatile wardrobe that covers work, leisure and going out will address most women's needs. Of course, add your fun items, your bright t-shirts, your scarves and high-fashion items, as that is what fashion is all about. However, these are the staple fashion items every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Little black dress

A little black dress is the perfect dress for any occasion. I personally love a fit and flare summer dress design but if you go for this or a simple black dress with a high necklace and modest length then you can take it from work to going out.

Stylish black stilettos

Black stilettos are great shoes for the night and some would say day. The key to getting the right height and width so you can walk in comfort without compromising on fashion.  Perfect for a date night or trip to a bar or restaurant, they can also be worn for work too. Whether you want a high-end pair of Dior Stilletos or a pair from Marks and Spencer, they still give height and glamour to your wardrobe 

Versatile wrap dress

A wrap dress is another great item you can wear for day or night. For a date night, you may want to show the cleavage but for work, a camisole can be a good idea if the dress is low cut. 

Neutral knit cardigan 

A cardigan in a neutral colour is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. If you can afford it, a cashmere cardigan is the perfect luxury addition for its softness and warmth, however, any knit cardigan will be fine. Whether you go for a chunky knit or a fine knit, this is one item you really need.

Simple white shirt

Women shirts are very versatile and every woman should have a number in their wardrobe. Worn with jeans and ankle boots you have a look suitable for shopping and leisure whilst it's the perfect shirt for your office wardrobe worn with black trousers. If you work in hospitality a white shirt can be a wardrobe staple too. Make sure you are not showing too much cleavage for work, so go with a modest neckline.

Well cut black trousers

Well cut black trousers are essential in today's modern age. A work staple they are also great for taking you to an evening date too. Pair with a white shirt and blazer for work and simple jewellery or a smart top for evening wear. We all need black trousers in our wardrobe these days.

Mid-heel ankle boots

Mid-heel ankle boots are one of my favourite items I own. As well as perfect with boot cut jeans or trousers I like to wear them with floral dresses for a modern touch.  I say mid-heel and a chunky heel as they are the most comfortable to walk in, and they will last longer than a stiletto heel. 

Dark wash denim jeans

Dark wash denim jeans are a flattering jean that are simple and stylish. Rather than go for skinny leg or boyfriend style jeans, boot cut is the classic design I would recommend. Although not high fashion, they never go out of fashion and suit all ages.

Simple classic flats

Classic flat shoes can be worn with jeans, leggings, dresses or skirts and are great for when you are spending a long time on your feet. This means they are perfect for work or shopping. 

Lightweight trenchcoat

A lightweight trenchcoat is a great coat for the shoulder season - Spring or Autumn, when it can rain but still be warm. Whether you go for navy, black or tan, a neutral colour will be a great addition to your wardrobe. It's a smart coat that can also look smart casual unbuttoned and worn loose. 

Supportive walking trainers

A pair of walking trainers are a modern addition that I feel every woman should have in their wardrobe. Walking is one of the best exercises for all fitness levels and a pair of supportive trainers will let you walk in comfort. 

Athleisure joggers or leggings

Joggers or leggings are great for exercise or walking and are part of a leisure wardrobe any woman should have. Comfortable, soft and easy to wear a pair of athleisure joggers or leggings are the perfect addition to a modern woman's wardrobe.

So here are the fashion items I feel every woman should own. What do you think are the essential fashion items for a woman in the modern age.



  1. What a great post, I really do need to go through my wardbrobe, although recently I have been trying to capsule it so I can mix and match and dress down or dress up x

  2. Supportive walking trainers are important. Mine have worn away loads and I need to get more as I enjoy my walks and it's important to wear the right footwear.

  3. I really need to get a trenchcoat! It's been on my list for ages but I just haven't got around to it. I'm a big fan of white shirts, definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

  4. My mummy wants to go though her clothes and make a capsule wardrobe full of key pieces like this! She owns loads of black dresses!

  5. The little black dress is a staple, every woman should own one. I love my mid ankle boots as well, they are so easy to pair with pretty much every outfit.

  6. I definitely need to add a few more things to my wardrobe it seems! I always have some supportive walking trainers and athleisure leggings at home.

  7. I do need a new cardigan, my husband jokes all mine are granny style. I still don't own a LBD either

  8. I'm definitely not a heel kinda girl so stilletos are a no no for me, but most of the rest seems right. For me it's about having the perfect pair of jeans and a great black tshirt, an easy look x

  9. Yes I deffo think a white shirt is a must. also some black heels as they do go with anything x

  10. Fab list! I definitely bring along a black dress, black stilettos and dark denims in my bad whenever I travel, just incase I need it for a surprise party or dinner or emergency.

  11. I think it's really important to find out what colours and shapes suit your figure.

  12. Great comprehensive list! Only the other day I was sorting through my wardrobe and realise I have so much stuff that I wont wear! I read about having a capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match and I think your post would work with that idea too! I don't do heels but a simple comfy flat is definitely a must!

  13. I really need to update my wardrobe, I don't have many of these items. I'd be perfect if the Brereton stripe top was a must have fashion item.