How To Make Birthdays During Lockdown Special

The world is in a strange place at the moment and many people are in 'lockdown', with movements being restricted and some self-isolating. So if you are having a birthday and want to celebrate it can be a bit of a challenge. 

However, you can have a good time and it is possible to make birthdays during lockdown special and fun. So sit down, bake a cake, get the balloons in and let's party! Let's have a look at how exactly we can make birthdays special during the lockdown. 

Have a virtual celebration

Arrange with your friends to have a virtual party on Skype or Zoom, party hat optional. You can set up video conferencing so you can see other people altogether on one screen. On the basic plan on Zoom, you have 40 minutes free or you can upgrade for longer. For added fun make it a fancy dress party, after all, what kid (or adult) can resist dressing up?

Celebrate with a garden party

It may only be your household but a garden party can still be a fun way of celebrating a birthday. Set up a table with birthday food, create a Spotify playlist and get a birthday cake delivered or bake one. If your kids are young then why not let them get the tents out and have an overnight sleep out. 

Visit an attraction online

There are many museums, zoos and theme parks allowing you to visit online and whilst it's not the same as visiting the British Museum to see the mummy exhibition or Walt Disney World Florida and walking up to Cinderella's castle then it's the next best thing. So why not make a picnic for lunch and take it with you as you travel the virtual world to visit an attraction online?

Rent a movie and popcorn 

While nice as it is, there is nothing overly special about renting a movie but did you know Netflix now has a Chrome extension that allows you to watch movies and TV shows with friends and family online? It is capable of synchronising video playback, so if the group needs a quick break to grab more popcorn, everyone’s screen will pause and resume at the same time. If you need any film recommendations, check out this list of classic movies from digital converters.

Order an afternoon tea or a takeaway

One of the best ways to support local businesses is to order some special food for your birthday meal. What about an afternoon tea or a special Thai meal? Many companies are trying to stay afloat and delivery services are offering contact-free delivery. If you don't want to pay cash some have online ordering and payment systems or use a site like Deliveroo and Just Eat to keep your credit card details safe.

Karaoke singalong 

If you love singing, Lucky Voice karaoke has a 14-day trial available, just sing into your phone or a microphone if you have one and pick from thousands of songs including Let it Go, Bohemian Rapsody and Dancing Queen. Suitable for young and old having a karaoke singalong on your birthday is bound to be fun.

So here are some ways to make birthday fun during the lockdown. Do you have any ideas?

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