10 Things To Pack For Glastonbury

Are you among the many that are planning to attend the biggest festival in the world? Although you will have to wait for next year, festivals like this can be great fun. You certainly want to have the time of your life, but failure to prepare properly can easily ruin your experience.

To avoid inconveniences, here are 10 things you should plack in your kit bag for Glastonbury.

1. Bin Bags

Consider carrying a whole roll. Bin bags are not just ideal for use as a temporary doormat for those muddy wellies, but they can act as an additional raincoat when it rains. You will also need them for your rubbish at the end of the event. Glastonbury has been encouraging the green spirit, and so, you'll be in the minority if you fail to clean after yourself.

2. Slip-on Trainers or Flip Flops

If the festival won't take place in a complete mudbath and the sun gods decide to be on our side this year, you'll want to have shoes for slipping on when you need to hit the loo first thing in the morning or late at night.

3. A Head Torch

This might make you look and feel like Dalek, but in cases where you are staggering home from Shangri-La at 4 or 5 am, you will certainly need both hands free to work your way around the loo cubicles and yanking your pals out of the mud.

4. Battery Powered Fairy Lights

These not only look appealing and lend a great atmosphere but give off ideal all-round lighting in your tent and around the campsite. They are far better than your traditional unidirectional torch. It is also great fun to stock up on assorted color glow necklaces sold in bulk.

5. An Extra Portable Charger

When it comes to such eventful festivals, one portable charger is never enough. You want to capture all those special moments and keep in touch with friends. As such, ensure you are well juiced.

6. Suntan Lotion

This is England, and even a 10-minute exposure to the sun will leave you with sunburns. Ensure you have the right sunscreen to avoid this during the Glastonbury Festival.

7. Collapsible Jerry Can

As you can expect, the queue for taps in such a huge festival is outrageous. When you are in dire need of water, you will regret not having a collapsible jerry can by your side. A great tip is to fill it up every night so that you don't have to struggle for water in the morning.

8. Duct Tape

In the history of the Glastonbury festival, there has never lacked a need for duct tape. Take this scenario, for instance- you borrowed a tent from your friend, and it turned out to be torn in various places. Your boots have split and cannot prevent the liquor from falling off whatever bucket, trolley, or wagon you've decided to transport it in. You will thank yourself for having duct tape close by.

9. A Small Selection of Medicines

Here's a brief look at what to not forget:

  • Painkillers
  • Gaviscon- to help curb the inevitable acid reflux from frozen margaritas and cheap cider
  • Rehydration Sachets- these are essential for any person with a hangover
  • A pack of plasters

10. Foil Blankets

This seems like an unnecessary, dramatic addition to essentials for the Glastonbury Festival, but just hear me out. Attaching foil survival blankets to your tent means you will not have to wake up to a tent that has turned into a sauna.

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