The Benefits Of Sterling Silver Jewellery

Silver has long been thought of as luxurious. There is a reason people use the term " silver spoon" when talking about a person who grew up wealthy!

Sterling silver is comprised of 92.5% silver, while 7.5% comes from other alloys, such as copper. It's a great way to enjoy the luxury of silver when wearing jewellery.

There are people who assume sterling silver is just a more affordable way to get the look of white gold. Others assume it's just for earrings. However, you can find sterling silver used to make all kinds of jewellery. From classic pieces to pieces that capitalise on the latest trends, there are countless options available. Many designers are choosing to use this metal because it's resilient, malleable, and it looks great.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for more formal jewellery or something that you can wear daily. You should be able to find pieces made from sterling silver that are absolutely perfect for you at elf925.

These are just a few of the reasons you need some sterling silver in your jewellery collection.

1. It's Resilient

If you take great care of sterling silver pieces, they can last you for your entire life. It's not unusual for a piece to look brand new even after someone has worn it for decades.

Of course, real 925 sterling silver can be more costly than costume jewellery. Still, the expense is worthwhile when you consider the overall quality of the jewellery. These are pieces that will last a lifetime. In fact, you may find ta the more beautiful pieces are handed down from one generation to the next.

If you want to ensure that you're buying the highest quality jewellery available, you should make a point of buying pieces from jewellers with an excellent reputation. You should also search for these parts on your pieces;

  • 925 or .925
  • Sterling
  • 925 Sterling Silver Stamp
  • Sterling Silver

You might not be ready to buy jewellery you can wear for the rest of your life. However, sterling silver is still a great option since..

2. It Allows You To Follow The Latest Trends

Women who are passionate about fashion news know that jewellery trends can change in an instant. Just trying to follow the trends can be a full-time job.

Thankfully, sterling silver has been popular for centuries, which means it'll always be on-trend. While styles may shift over time, you'll always be able to find sterling silver pieces.

As an example, it's become more common to see uncut minerals and gemstones in the accessories that people wear during the spring and the summer. In many cases, you can find these stones set in sterling silver.

If you always have some silver pieces in your jewellery collection, you can ensure that you're always in style.

3. You'll Have Countless Choices

Since silver tends to be soft, it's highly malleable. This allows designers to offer a wide range of designs.

Since there are tons of options, you'll always be able to find sterling silver pieces that are in line with your tastes. It doesn't matter if you're shopping for a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet. The options available to you will be endless. It doesn't matter if you wear sterling silver exclusively. Your options will never be limited. Jewellery designers are always finding ways to innovate.

If you're looking to add new pieces to your collection, you'll find fantastic 925 sterling options.

4. It's Easy To Put Together A Collection

If you're just starting a jewellery collection, sterling silver is a terrific choice. Since it's more affordable than many other materials, and since there are plenty of options, you'll be able to build a collection before you know it.

Sterling silver pieces will fit in seamlessly with the other pieces in your collection. It complements the majority of metals.

If you want high-end jewellery pieces that will make a big impression, without the high price tag of gold, sterling silver jewellery is what you should be looking at. Designers know that they can get really creative with this material.

What really makes sterling silver special is that it's not just beloved by consumers. Jewellery designers love it too. There are always customers eager to purchase new sterling silver styles, and designers are always excited to work with this material.

When you buy sterling silver pieces, everyone wins.

5. It's Highly Versatile

You can wear sterling silver on any occasion.

Are you attending a formal event? Why not wear sterling silver? Going out for brunch with your friends? Silver is the perfect choice. Heading to the office? You know what you can wear. In fact, you may be able to wear your favourite pieces on different types of occasions.

Silver can make any look feel more elegant and it pairs nicely with most metals. If your jewellery collection contains a lot of platinum or pieces that are made from white gold, sterling silver pieces will fit right in. Your new jewellery will match the pieces and outfits that you love.

You can wear sterling silver alongside other metals and create a cohesive look. Since the colours are fairly similar, people won't be able to tell that you're mixing metals. This is a great way to create distinctive and stylish looks.

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  1. Yes, sterling silver is a fabulous and enduringly beautiful choice in jewellery. I choose it above gold.