My Routine For Working From Home

Everything is just that little bit strange at the moment, isn’t it? Many of us are at home, in a different routine to normal. Having to get used to the kids being there on a 24-hour basis and homeschooling as well as the husband being around is enough to test most of us! Of course, I am joking. Well sort of. Living with someone all the time can be quite stressful and when we can only leave the house for exercise, medicine and food then we can feel a little trapped. Of course, this is all for the good of society and to help prevent a strain on NHS resources.

Now let's look at the importance of routine. I think it's important to get into a routine as routine can make you feel safe and secure. We all need routine in our lives to some extent and when the world feels unsettled we all love and need routine even more. Routine also helps reduce stress and makes us focused.

Here is my routine for working from home.

First thing

Every morning I have a shower or bath to get ready for the day and I wash my hair. My hair is long and I don't feel great if I don't wash and style it every morning. I generally use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for shiny hair and I then put my contact lenses in and apply my makeup. Some of my favourite products include Dove Soap, John Frieda Frizz Ease smoothing creme, and Carex handwash.


Breakfast is usually something as simple as toast or cereal. I always have a cup of tea with soya milk too. If I have planned it in advance I have overnight oats with some fruit. Oats are great for your heart and since my dad had heart problems I try and eat them on a regular basis. I then wake my son up, check what he is doing for the day and get down to work.


As I work from home writing as a full-time blogger I check emails and reply to any before I look at what I have to do today. Blogging isn't all about writing. You also have to search and pitch for work, take and edit photos and promote yourself on social media. The writing is a small part of the work believe it or not! I have two blogs, this one and that I write with my husband and we also create videos for our YouTube channel too. Occasionally I write posts for another site of my husband's as well. I must admit, I write on my Macbook Air on the sofa in the lounge which isn't always the best work environment but is comfy!


Due to the pandemic, everyone is advised to exercise once a day. I live in a small seaside town in South Wales and I am incredibly lucky that at the end of my street is the sea. So, late morning I go for a walk for at least an hour with my husband and usually end up in Rest Bay, a blue flag beach walking distance to my home. We have been averaging 4 miles a day at the moment. I think exercise is incredibly important especially exercising in nature as there are a host of health benefits, including stress relief, cardiovascular fitness and more. I always wear a pair of my trusty Skechers trainers if I walk as they are super comfy.

Food shopping

When I come home I check what we are having for dinner that night and see if I need to buy anything. I try to do one large shop a week and I am avoiding shops unless I need to get more than a few items. At the moment I find planning meals in advance for the whole week is the best thing to do so I can ensure I have everything I need. Getting an online delivery slot is near impossible at the moment so I try and go to Tescos once a week, where I buy anything for my mum too. I take wipes to clean the trolley and hand sanitiser too and when I return I wash my hands.


A couple of times a week I clean the bathroom and kitchen. I also vacuum the house twice a week too. Every time we go out we clean the door handles as we live in a flat with a shared hall. We also take hand sanitiser with us. I have been looking at new bathrooms recently and I like the designs of the Water Baths brand, based in the Peak District, so when we have enough money will be looking at a bathroom redesign.

So more writing, checking emails, pitching for work and a bit of sneaky TV, like Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares or Undercover Boss.

This is my routine for working from home. Let me know if you work from home and what your routine is.



  1. I love my daily walk, wish I was lucky enough to live by the sea right now!

  2. I try to stick to the same routine I would have had, had I been going to work, otherwise nothing would get done x

  3. Exercise is my lifesaver at the moment. We always go for a walk every day.