How To Choose The Best T Shirt

A t-shirt is a modern-day classic for everyone's wardrobe. A t-shirt is a versatile wardrobe item as it can be worn on a number of casual occasions and also can be dressed up for smarter wear too.  This is an ad.

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But how do you choose the best t-shirt and what should you look out for? Let's look at how to choose the best t-shirt for your lifestyle.


Firstly find the size that is right for you. The most flattering and versatile size is usually just a little bit loose. Avoid tight fit or incredibly baggy unless you are going for a certain look.  Sizes also vary between brands so it's worth measuring yourself and comparing it to the brand's sizing. Measure across the widest part of your chest to get the chest measurement. 


Monotone shades are best for versatility.  Black or white are the most popular and then colours like navy. White is great in the summer as black can absorb heat making you feel hotter,. If you are looking for something colourful for the summer, bright pink or green can add a dash of colour and can be teamed with smart trousers for the office, a loose-flowing skirt, shorts, leggings or jeans. 


The classic length should be just below the waist so they do not ride up too far. If you are going for big and baggy then the length can be longer, and shorter will end up looking like a crop top. It's always worth remembering some cotton t-shirts will shrink too.


V neck and crew neck are two main styles that are versatile, you can also get other styles like a boat neck, scoop neck or off the shoulder,  If you have a large bust a v neck can be more flattering if it is not too low.  T-shirts can be short-sleeved, three-quarter or long sleeves. 


Cotton is the material of choice for most t-shirts. Cotton is an affordable breathable fabric and you can buy sustainable organic cotton which is great for the farmers and the environment too.  If you exercise you can buy moister wicking t-shirts and t-shirts that are made of a sweat-proof material stopping armpit sweat stains. You can also get material that can stretch such as jersey which is a cotton elastane mix.


T-shirts don't only come in simple colours, they are also available in a wide variety of patterns and designs, from concert and band t-shirts, art graphic t-shirts and slogan t-shirts amongst others. If you are going for a patterned t-shirt, choose one which reflects your interests or fits in with your wardrobe colour scheme. You can also buy t-shirts with embroidery or other embellishments 


You do get what you pay for. Sustainable cotton will be more expensive than cheaper cotton, and more expensive t-shirts will generally be cut better, be of better quality, won't lose colour and last you longer.  

So here is how to choose the best t-shirt for you. Tell me, do you have a favourite t-shirt?

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