7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look And Feel Luxurious

Your bedroom is the space where you unwind and relax. If you are looking to upgrade this environment and make it more luxurious you may not know where to start. Well, I am here today to help you. 


Let's have a look at 7 ways to make your bedroom look more luxurious... and this doesn't have to cost the earth.

Choose your headboard wisely

A statement headboard can really add a luxury element to a room. Whether it is a big bold headboard, one made of velvet or a unique design, a headboard can be a real focal point to a room and a statement headboard can easily add that luxurious touch.

Have wardrobes fitted

Having fitted sliding wardrobes can integrate your wardrobe space seamlessly into your bedroom. This can make your bedroom look elegant and luxurious. It also frees up lots of floor space. Just be sure not to clutter the area where your free-standing wardrobe would normally be. Another point is that the cost of fitted wardrobes can be balanced out by the value it adds to your home if you go to sell.

Up the glamour with lighting

The lighting you choose can add that much-needed glamour and luxury to a room. It's one easy way to add a little luxe.  You can also pick up lighting at surprisingly budget prices too. Choose a mix of mood lighting and brighter lighting for different functions. An over-the-top chandelier could be a great choice, or gold or silver tone lamps.  

Think of the soft furnishings

When you go to a high-end hotel you often have cushions on the bed in soft fabrics, well why not recreate this at home to give your bedroom that boutique hotel feel? Throws on the bed and a soft fluffy rug can also add that glamourous look. Materials that add luxury include chenille, velvet, satin, and silk. 

Frame the window

Think of how you want to frame the window to add that luxurious touch. Curtains that are extra wide with plenty of material add that opulence you wish for.  A soft sheer net (yes nets are not just for grannies!) can be used for privacy. If you want that California beach look, wooden shutters can add that luxurious touch. They are also great to block out light for those light sleepers amongst you. 

Flooring is important

There is nothing like a soft high pile carpet under your feet for that living in luxury feel. If you are not a fan of carpet then herringbone wooden floorboards are a great alternative. Be sure to treat them to protect the wood and make the finish hard-wearing. You can always add a rug to soften the look. 

It's all in the fragrance 

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and it smelt fabulous? Chances are they use a room fragrance for that fresh and clean smell. Some of the high-end hotels in Las Vegas for example are known to use a fragrance to add their unique fragrance and ambience to their hotel lobbies and rooms. Find a room spray or candle you love and use it in your bedroom. Of course, always be careful around candles and never sleep with them lit. 

So here are 7 ways to make your bedroom look and feel more luxurious.  Visit here to find out more about fitted bedrooms. 

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