How to Pick The Right Earrings Based On Your Face Shape

The beauty of earrings is that they can highlight and flatter your facial features if chosen correctly, according to the shape of your face. Each face type comes with its own unique peculiarities, and knowing the perfect type for your physiognomy can help you choose the perfect earrings that can bring out your natural beauty and enhance your glow. This is an advertorial.

Diamond Face: Stud Earrings

round earrings

A diamond face is characterized by pronounced and wide cheekbones, with a narrow chin and forehead. As this type of face is highlighted by many sharp angles, keeping your earrings simple is the best way to go. If you have a diamond face, choose a classic pair of stud earrings, as the soft and rounded shapes are the best for balancing out the cheekbones.

Round Face: Drop Earrings

drop earrings

Just as the name says, the round face is characterized by a circular shape with soft features and no angles. For this type of face, you will want to choose a pair of earrings which elongate your face rather than widen it. Drop earrings are the best choice as their length optically balances the roundness of the face making it appear slimmer and longer. Avoid round earrings as they tend to overemphasise round features.

Square Face: Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings

Characterized by sharp angles and a similar forehead and jawline width, the square face is very defined. This type requires a pair of earrings which can soften the hard edges and balance out the proportions. Although the most suitable earrings for a square face are hoop earrings, any medium-large round or oval-shaped earrings would be a good choice for contrasting angular features. Avoid square-shaped earrings as they will make your face look even sharper.

Oval Face: Huggies

The easiest face shape, the oval face is characterized by an elongated shape with wide cheekbones and a soft jawline. Although you could wear almost any earring design, the ones that best complement the oval shape are huggies, studs and hoops. Try to avoid earrings with too much of a drop as they might elongate your face.

Heart Face: Teardrop Earrings

The rarest of types, the heart face is recognizable by a pointed narrow chin, wide forehead and eye-catching cheekbones. For this type of face, choose earrings that are wider at the bottom, which is the ideal shape for balancing out a sharper chin. Teardrop earrings with elongated curves are the best option for the heart shape as they are perfect for filling in the lower part of the face.

Long Face: Round Earrings

round earrings

It’s easy to understand what characterizes a long face. Just as the name says, this type of face is more developed vertically. To balance out the length of your face, go for earrings that sit right at the bottom of your lobe and avoid the ones that sit high on the lobe. While any type of round earrings will widen your face and make it look fuller, big statement earrings can also help to add some width to your face.


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