Best Ways To Personalise A New Home

When you get your first home you want to make it your own as soon as you can. So whether you have a big budget or a small budget here are some of the best ways to add your personality to your home to make it yours.

Get the kerb appeal

house entrance

Kerb appeal is one way to make your home your own. Do some simple things like tidy and remove any rubbish from the front garden if you have one, add some hanging baskets with pretty flowers if that's what you like, or add some plants in pots to frame your door. If your front door is shabby, sand and repaint it, maybe in a bright colour, and add some new door furniture like a new knocker and letterbox. If you have the budget a new door makes a great impression as well. 

Decorate with personal photos

Personal photos are a cost-effective way to make your home your own. I have a photo of New York that I printed on canvas that is decorating my computer room. Have a professional photo shoot with the family if you have the budget and use these on your walls. If not just take some fun family snapshots and make a collage. There are many ways of decorating your home with personal photos.

Have a feature wall

bedroom neon

A feature wall is a sure-fire way to personalise your home. In your lounge or bedroom think about getting a neon sign that's personal to you, you can get some great custom signs that can make your home look special. If you are looking for a feature wall for your bedroom, find some really cool wallpaper you like, several companies do interesting wallpaper so let your mind run wild with jungle prints, tropical vistas or even a city skyline.

Get a stand-out light feature

An unusual or stand-out light feature can be that interesting item you need to personalise your home. From unusual outdoor lighting to make the garden perfect for twilight parties, to a chandelier for your dining room if you like a grandeur style. From super modern futuristic designs to over-the-top pendants and chandeliers there are light features for every person's style. 

Make the bedroom your own


Make your bedroom your own in your own unique style. This doesn't have to cost the earth. For duvet covers think animal print, a tropical beach, or pretty florals, and mix and match with cushions and pillow cases. If you love plants why not fill your bedroom with some interesting evergreen plants or hang a work of art on the wall that you love? Or get an unusual headboard that reflects your personality. There are many ways to make your bedroom your own, and as not many will see inside this is where you can be as extrovert as you like. 

So here are some of the best ways to personalise a new home, whether you are on a budget or can afford some luxurious touches. Do you have any ideas? What have you done to your home?

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