Menswear Tips for Summer

We are now well and truly into the summer season, which means we can finally enjoy some much-deserved visits to beer gardens and outdoor trips enjoying the fine weather. This also means you need to peel away the layers and consider comfortable clothing wear for the summer. 

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Roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a nice cold beverage and dive into my picks of the most comfortable menswear to keep you as cool as a cucumber this summer.

Consider Your Underwear

Underwear is the foundation of whatever you decide to wear for the day, so it’s vital that you choose pants that are cool, refreshing, and comfortable. The last thing you want is a tightly packed, constricted, sweaty package. The best men’s underwear for hot weather can handle friction, moisture, and heat all in one, but it can be hard to spot the gimmicks from the worthy options.

Of course, you still have to settle the debate on what style of underwear you like, whether it be briefs, boxers, or whatever else – you should always decide what is most comfy for you. A reputable underwear brand is Bawbags. Based in Scotland, they provide high-quality underwear that supplies all the breathability and comfortability you need for summer. And not only is the quality good, but they come in different patterns and colourways for you to choose from.

Choose Carefully with Socks

When it’s sunny, most of us enjoy slipping on a pair of sandals with no worry about socks whatsoever, but unfortunately, most of us don’t have access to a beach, so socks are a common necessity. So, what socks should you wear during the hot weather?

Ensuring that your socks and shoes provide plenty of breathability is important and will help protect your feet against common problems with foot perspiration.

Cotton socks are the most common option as they are a pretty good, well-rounded sock; however, they aren’t going to do an overly great job during the hot summer weather. Opt for a performance synthetic or natural bamboo for moisture-wicking, as they are brilliant at giving your feet plenty of breathability. The same applies to any mesh-styled socks that provide a breathable fabric around the toes and sweaty areas of your feet. If you take note of these tips you will never have to worry about smelly feet again!

Explore Different T-shirts

Perhaps no garment is more necessary during the summer months than a t-shirt. However, every tee comes in a unique shape, size, and material. With all that in mind, how do you choose the best t-shirts to tackle the summer heat?

Choosing your style should always be the most important aspect, whether slim fit, boxy or wide, but it is worth considering the shirt’s breathability. Lighter and looser fit tees will always be better for the warm weather. Opting for linen is also a fantastic call. Linen fabrics have more open weaves, allowing more heat to escape and air to pass through; this is particularly effective if you are going on holiday in extreme heat.

Luckily for us, many mainstream brands are bringing out lots of new dry-fit clothing, which we see introduced into many different outfits and styles. Dry-fit clothing will provide an odour-resistant finish so you can get about your day without hassle. And best of all there are always plenty of colours to choose from.

It’s no scientific mystery that black attracts heat but considering this when choosing your clothes will make a night and day difference. So be sure, when you can, to try and pick white – or at least light-coloured clothing to stay as cool as possible.

Embrace Sun Hats

Sun in your eyes combined with prickly heat is not a good combination. Luckily hats are becoming more and more into recent fashion. Baseball caps are great for blocking head-on sunshine or even protecting the back of your neck if you turn it backwards; however, they can tend to get a little sweaty if not made out of a mesh-like material.

Bucket hats are a great option and are becoming incredibly popular. Not only do they cover all areas of your head from the sun, but they are also very fashionable, featuring never-ending colourways and patterns. A good quality bucket hat can add heaps of character to an outfit while keeping the most important part of your body nice and cool.

To Conclude

There are many ways to stay cool this Summer and many more out-widths in this article. Hopefully, this article was able to help you think about some of the clothing fundamentals you should know going into Summer.

Have a great summer and remember to bring a hat!

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