Beating The Bills: How Households Can Save Money In 2022 And Beyond

Making ends meet is getting harder for most UK households. Inflation and supply chain squeezes have made the prices of many common household items, as well as energy and fuel, skyrocket over the last year.


Here are five simple things that anyone can do to reduce their regular outgoings. You can make small savings every month that will add up to a huge amount over 2022, and beyond.

Get A Better Deal On Home Insurance

Taking care of the little things helps the big things to take care of themselves. Home insurance is very important in the event of an emergency and could be a requirement of your mortgage agreement.

Saving money on this monthly bill makes sense, especially if you do not lose any coverage. Look here for some exclusive home insurance quotes you cannot find anywhere else that can cut your costs down. You should always compare home insurance quotes before taking out an insurance policy or renewing one.

Switch Your Energy Supplier

The price of electricity and natural gas has surged in recent months and shows no sign of coming down. Several factors contribute to this, but the biggest ones are the conflicts in areas close to supplies and pipelines and the carbon emissions goals set by governments around the globe.

You can save some money if you switch your energy supplier to one that offers you a better deal, even if it is only a small reduction. Better still, you can often get £50 cashback when you make the change.

Choose A Cheaper Supermarket

The fastest-growing bill in British households today is the food bill. Prices are increasing on many everyday goods and foods, and families are struggling to keep up.

It is no surprise that budget supermarkets are exploding in popularity, with many people making the switch from big-name supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsburys to cheaper alternatives. Getting your weekly shop from a supermarket like Aldi or Lidl can help you to save up to £25 per shop for the average family.

Cut The Cable Cords

We are spending more than ever on entertainment, and as the bills start to mount up and times get tighter, this should be one of the first sacrifices we make.

Cut the cord and cancel some of your regular media streaming subscriptions. There are cheaper alternatives out there. Free services like YouTube are often overlooked too, even though there is plenty of music, movies, and sport available for free.

Keep Your Meters Up To Date

Many common household bills, like gas, electricity, and water, are on metered supplies. This means that every unit of energy or water you use is recorded on a meter in or on the outside of your home.

Energy and water suppliers may check this meter once or twice a year, but they estimate your usage the rest of the time. These estimates are often more than you have consumed, so keep your meter up to date and ensure you only pay for what you use.

Using just a few of these tips should help you to save a significant amount of money each month. Try them all, and you should be able to save yourself hundreds of pounds a year.

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