Why A PAJ GPS Easy Finder Tracker Can Save You Stress

It isn't a secret that I love travelling. Travelling at the moment though can be highly stressful, especially travelling internationally. If you are flying anywhere soon, you may be worried about the delays that have been reported everywhere. This is due to a combination of many things.  Two of these are the sheer number of people travelling after being at home for two years, as many COVID-related restrictions are being lifted and not enough staff being employed in places like baggage handling. 

The sight of the number of bags at Heathrow left in a large hall has been shocking. I know that it took two hours for our luggage to be offloaded from our plane at Bristol Airport recently. I can only imagine what people at Heathrow have been going through.  Now if you have lost a suitcase or need to know where it is if you have to wade through a large amount of bags, then a GPS tracker can come into use. 

So I was thrilled when the PAJ GPS Easy Finder 4G tracker was sent to me to review. This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are my own.

gps box

The Paj GPS Easy Finder tracker is a new generation of tracker with 4G network coverage. This tracker is in the form of a small device that can easily be stored in your luggage, kept in a car or kept on a person in your handbag or backpack. You can see the location of the tracker through their app or the PAJ website online. 

GPS back box

In the box is the tracker device, a pouch to keep it in and a neck strap, a quick start guide, in multiple languages, a charging cradle and a USB power outlet adapter

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Before use, you need to charge the tracker for between 8 to 12 hours. After you do that you need to sign up for a subscription. This is £5.99 a month if you pay monthly or there are other payment plans such as £54.99 per year. This will allow you to track the device. You then press the on button for a few seconds and the device will be on and available to track. To track, you sign into the website or download the app available. It's that simple to use. 

The PAJ GPS tracker has an SOS button for emergencies, is waterproof and has up to 14 days of battery life in standby mode. 


So I charged the device and tried it out. 


I found the website and the app easy to use and it was very reassuring to be able to track my luggage as simply as using the tracker. In the Finder portal on the website or app you can also activate a series of alarms including low battery, speed limit and entering or exiting an area. It also has an SOS emergency button for your own safety and security.  Perfect for solo female travellers. 

The PAJ GPS Easy Finder tracker lives up to its name as it's very easy to use. It's also not too bulky or heavy to put in your case or to carry with you. If you are worried about losing your suitcase or backpack or having your luggage stolen this is the perfect tracker. Having your luggage tracked like this can help you be reunited with your luggage sooner thus saving your sanity and a large amount of stress. I think it would be a great gift for anyone who loves to travel too.  You can buy the PAJ GPS Easy Finder 4G tracker from their website or buy the tracker from Amazon

Let me know what you think. Would you use the PAJ Easy Finder Tracker?


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  1. I've seen the footage on TV of cases in the airport. I would hate to lose mine. This looks very useful