National And Nature Parks Of Portugal

Portgual is an exciting and popular tourist destination known for its historic cities like Lisbon and Porto, but did you know that it has several national and natural parks that are stunningly beautiful too? So whether you are looking to do a self-guided tour or looking for one of the many organised Portugal tours, here is some information about what you can see in the national and nature parks of Portugal. This is an advertorial.

How Many National Parks Does Portugal Have?

Portugal has only one National Park, the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês but it has several natural or nature parks too, thirteen to be precise, where you can see abundant flora and fauna in a protected area of nat
ural beauty.  These include Park Natural do Alvão, Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela, Parque Natural do Litoral Norte and Parque Natural de Sintra Cascais amongst others.

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês


In the very north-east of the country, the Serra da Peneda and Serra do Gerês combine to make the only official national park in Portugal. It is over 695 square KM in size and its two highest peaks are Serra Amarela and the Serra do Soajo. The valleys in this national park have lots of lush green land, streams and forests of pine and oak. There are many animals to look out for in the Parque Nacional da Peneda-
Gerês including the gold-stripe salamander, the Iberian frog, wolves, boars, otters, buzzards, golden eagles and red kites amongst others. 

Parque Natural do Alvão

fisgas de ermelo

Parque Natural do Alvão is a protected area in the Tâmega and Douro Subregions of northern Portugal. This park is the smallest of all the natural parks in Portugal. The area is mountainous and is approximately 72 sq KMs in size. Trees in this area include oak, hazel, holly and chestnut. Animals that populate the area include wild boars, roe deer, rabbits and hares and reptiles include the Iberian emerald lizard and the Latastei viper. It is also home to Fisgas de Ermelo, one of several waterfalls in the park

Parque Natural do Litoral Norte 


Parque Natural do Litoral Norte is located in the northern area of Portugal on the coast. This park was created to preserve the sand dunes and wildlife of the area. It has over 140 species of birds in this area and other animals include hedgehogs, squirrels and boars as well as lizards and snakes. It is an area of intense agricultural activity too. 

Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela

Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela

The Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela is situated in the largest mountain range in Portugal and also has the highest peak in Mainland Portugal, making it a popular destination for skiing in winter. It is over 100 KM2 in size and is home to the wall lizard otters, badgers, and wild cats as well as large flocks of sheep. The flora of the area includes black oak, juniper and the gentian, a plant in danger of extinction.

Parque Natural de Sintra Cascais

pena palace

Parque Natural de Sintra Cascais is a natural park of 145 km2. Being close to Lisbon, it is a popular area and has many points of historical interest. This area is very rich in flora and fauna and animals found here include badgers, wild rabbits, weasels, kestrels and the Peregrine falcon. There are many beaches on the edge of the park and a visit to UNESCO Sintra and the Pena Palace, one of the most beautiful municipals in Portugal is worth visiting. 

So here is information about the national park and nature parks of Portugal. There are more nature parks to discover too. Enjoy your visit to Portugal. 



  1. I read your article with interest. Never been to Portugal but it’s somewhere I’d like to go. I’m glad you mentioned the native trees and included pictures too. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit soon.

  2. I've been to Portugal twice but they've both very much been resort holidays, not venturing out too far. But I'd love to go back one year and see more of the country x

    1. Yes I think it's worth venturing out of a resort and exploring the country

  3. These all look so amazing. I love visiting natural parks and nature places

  4. Portugal is a lovely place to visit. I went many times as a child. I don't recall visiting any parks.I'd love to go again with my family. I'm sure they'd love to visit some parks whilst we are there and see the wildlife.