The Ultimate Guide to Buying Oversized Women's Jackets

Larger than Life: Wearing Oversized Jackets

The oversized trend is clearly here to stay. It's been seen on all the world's premier fashionistas: Kim Kardashian, Justin, and Hayley Bieber, Rihanna. They all pull off those oversized layers so flawlessly, mixing Ted Baker jackets with slim-fit trousers and high heels with slouchy boyfriend jeans. The options are endless, and there are so many exciting, contemporary combinations to be created. The best part of this trend, in our opinion, is the oversized coat or jacket. There are so many options to choose from; denim, classic trench, puffer, coach, parka, or bomber, just to name a few.

Getting your hands on the perfect piece is only half the battle: the rest of the battle is figuring out how to style it properly so that you don't end up looking like the bag down the street. The perfect oversized look walks a thin line and has to be styled just so as to be eye-catching and well put together. We’ve got a few tips on how to find and style the perfect oversized coat for you.

Choosing Your Oversized Jacket

The oversized look started out as a trend, but we believe it is going to stay around instead of disappearing, which means that you can incorporate it into your permanent style. We advise that outerwear is in a shade that is neutral to your wardrobe: in other words, something that will go with about 80% of the other garments that you own. If your style is super bright and loud, a brightly coloured or printed jacket will still work with most of what you have. Stay away from trending fabrics and prints unless this trend is something that works into your existing style.


Now that you’ve chosen the perfect oversized jacket. You need to think of a few key ways to style it.


If you’ve selected a blazer-style jacket that falls to around your mid-thigh, why not wear it alone? Wearing a coat or jacket so that it looks like a dress is a cool and edgy look to try out. This look works really well with either a really feminine kitten heel, a super chunky boot, or even a pair of trainers (think Princess Diana for inspiration). You can dress it all the way up, clubbing casual or brunch casual.


A more traditional way to wear your oversized coat is to layer it with much tighter pieces underneath. Layering with tight garments underneath the oversized coat creates a streamlined look with minimal effort. Some people like to layer oversized with oversized.


While an oversized coat usually hides more form than it shows, you can change that in an instant and give yourself a completely cinched waist by adding the perfect belt. Remember, if you’re shopping for the belt without the coat on, you need to buy a belt that fits about 2 sizes bigger than your actual waist because you have to get all the coat in there. If the coat is simple, you can go for a more eye-catching belt. If the coat is already eye-catching on its own, go for something a little more classic: less is more!

Matching Set

There's nothing cuter than a matching set. The only way to get a matching set with a pair of pants that fit properly and a coat that's oversized is if that's how the set was made: usually, these sets aren’t available as separate pieces. The great thing about buying a matching set is that you’re getting a huge range of outfits for the price of one. You can style the coat and bottoms together or separately.


If you’re looking for a more subdued but still super stylish and current way to style your oversized coat or jacket, we suggest that you go “pro”; a classic look featuring your oversized coat, a pair of pleated trousers, a button-down shirt and a nice pair of loafers or heels; a la the 90s. You can wear a look like this wherever you want: to return library books, out to dinner on a date, or to grab some groceries at the shops. You can substitute sneakers for a more casual look or heels for a dressier one.

Wrap Up

These are just some examples of different ways that you can choose and style an oversized coat. Remember that in fashion, the only real rule is that you’re happy and comfortable with the outfit that you’ve put together.

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