What Is The Best Type Of Garden Fencing

If you are looking for garden fencing you may be surprised with the variety out there. There are a number of types of garden fencing and different finishes, but each type of fencing has its own benefits. Let's have a look at the best type of garden fencing for your home.


What is the purpose of the fencing?

Before you decide what type of garden fencing you need, you need to think about why you need it and what the purpose of the fencing will be.

Here are some things you need to take into consideration. 
  • Do you need it for privacy? For example to stop people from looking into your garden.
  • Do you need it to keep animals in? If you have dogs or rabbits for example then you may want it to be robust so no animals can get out. 
  • Do you want a traditional look or a modern one? The finish may be important to you. You may want a traditional-looking picket-style fence or a more modern panel look.
  • Do you want it to be maintenance free or are you willing to maintain it? Some fences are made from PVC which can be less maintenance than wood. Wood will have to be protected from all types of weather by a weatherproof paintsuit  or stain. 
  • What is your budget? Some fancy designs are more expensive whereas basic panel fencing will be one of the cheaper options. Think about your budget, how much fencing you need for your garden and the finish you want.
Types Of Fencing 

The main types of fencing include picket fencing, featherboard fencing and panel fencing. 

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing, otherwise known as timber palisade fencing is a traditional style type of fence. This fencing comes in a variety of heights and can be low fencing as well as high. It can be installed in panels making it less time-consuming to install than some fencing. It is not really suitable if you want complete privacy though as the style of the fencing means that it has gaps and lets light through. Picket fencing can be slightly cheaper than featherboard fencing. The amount of wood is generally less and that will reflect in the price.

Featherboard Fencing

Featherboard fencing also called close-board fencing, is overlapping fencing with feather-edge wood boards. It is a good option if you want a secure type of fencing, perfect if you have dogs for example that you let out in your garden. It is also excellent to provide privacy too as the type of fencing is generally at least 6 feet. A great type of fencing if your house is close to another for privacy. It's also a durable form of fencing that can last a long time. This type of fencing is often medium to expensive in cost.

Panel Fencing

Panel fencing comes in a variety of styles from larch lap or slatted wood panels to Lourve panels. Panel fencing is often a modern look that can add an extra design feature to your garden. It can be easier and quicker to install than traditional style fencing. Pricing on panel fencing depends on the type of panel, traditional lap fence panels are relatively cheap while Venetian panels can be expensive.

Hope this guide has been useful for you whether you want panel fencing in New York, picket fencing in the Cotswolds UK or featherboard fencing Austin Texas.

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