The Best Ways to Stay Fit During the School Holidays

The school summer holidays are great. It’s a chance for the kids to rest and have some fun after a tough year at school, and for families to get some quality time together. But for many parents, it’s also difficult. You might be juggling work and childcare, and if you work from home things can be a lot more challenging than usual. Unfortunately, during the school holidays, time to do things for ourselves like exercise often gets left behind. 

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This can often mean that during the summer, when you are perhaps keen to look and feel your best, your fitness levels decline, you gain weight, and you become unhappy with your body. Here are some tips on how to keep your fitness levels up during the kids’ holidays.

Make Nutrition Easy

During the holidays when you are busy, it’s tempting to reach for fast food or snack on junk. Holidays and warm periods can mean that we reach for the ice creams. It’s easy to pick up bad habits and gain weight, and hard to get back to healthy eating in September.

Make healthy eating and nutrition easy by preparing healthy snacks, meal planning, and prepping food. If you are looking to lose a little weight to boost your fitness, you might want to consider weight loss shakes from Shake That Weight. These weight loss shakes are tasty, easy, and help you to get all of the nutrients that you need. Shakes are also great for taking on holidays and summer days out. As a substitute for one meal and eating a balanced diet every day, it can help you in the short term.

Schedule Exercise

Planning the summer holiday carefully can help you to manage your time. It’ll make it easier to sort out any childcare that you need, book fun things to do to break the time up, and even fit in exercise. Some parents even find that creating a spreadsheet or using a shared calendar app helps them.

Enjoy Family Days Out

Family days out to the park, the beach, a theme park, or even museums are probably a lot more exercise than you think. You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, you’ll walk for miles, and you might spend time running around, carrying bags, and walking on different terrain.

Keep Your School Run Alarm On

As we come towards the end of the school year, most of us are excited about turning our school run alarms off. Even if you still have to go to work some of the time, you might not need to get up as early.

But keeping your alarm on means that you can get a workout in before everyone else wakes up.

Exercise Together

Think about exercise that you can do with the kids. Things like bike rides, fruit picking trips, hikes, climbing, visiting a trampolining park, and swimming are great exercises for the whole family.

Break up Your Workouts

While the kids are at home, you might not have a chance to head out for a long run or a couple of hours at the gym. But remember, several short workouts can be just as effective. An early morning run and 30 minutes of yoga before bed are still hours of exercise. Focus on little and often, fitting short workouts in when you can.

Staying fit during the school holidays can be a challenge. But it’s not impossible. With a few changes and good habits, you can keep fitness levels up until they head back to school.

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