Anniversary Gift Ideas

An anniversary is a special occasion. We mostly celebrate wedding anniversaries but other anniversaries can be celebrated too like the time spent in a job, or how long you have been dating.  When you think of what to get for an anniversary though it can be tough trying to find something suitable and something unique, but a gift and card company like Boomf, can help you find that perfect choice.  So whether you are looking for a 5th wedding anniversary card or a 25th silver necklace, let's have a look at some anniversary present ideas for a special occasion.

First wedding anniversary - paper


Why not buy a newspaper from the day you got married or the day you met? Many websites allow you to buy this type of present.  This is an apt idea as the first year anniversary is celebrated with paper. Extra points for the newspaper your loved one reads. 

Fifth wedding anniversary - wood

If you have been together for 5 years, the traditional wedding anniversary theme is wood for a fifth wedding anniversary. A great idea would be a Welsh lovespoon carved for your partner. The lovespoon is a traditional craft that dates back to the seventeenth century. The very best lovespoons are ornately decorated and are a work of art. Or what about a 5th wedding anniversary card made of recycled wood?

Tenth year anniversary - tin

photo of couple on beach kissing
The traditional anniversary present for a 10th year anniversary is something made out of tin. Now you may be wracking your brain to think of something suitable here but what about a photo frame made out of tin with a favourite photo inside? Alternatively, think outside of the traditional and go with a personalised photo album with romantic photos of your both from over the last ten years.

Fifteenth wedding anniversary - crystal

crystal vase

A traditional present for a 15th anniversary would be a gift made of crystal.  A purely decorative item like a crystal vase would be a beautiful item to gift. Alternatively, if she loves sparkly jewellery then a Swarovski crystal necklace and earring set would be very appreciated I am sure.

Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary - silver

silver necklace

The classic gift to give for a 25th anniversary is a silver necklace.  Of course, a heart necklace or locket would be a fabulous gift, but there are many silver items you could choose from. You could buy a silver pen, or for the man in your life silver cufflinks or a silver knife. 

Fiftieth wedding anniversary - gold

gold watch
A fiftieth anniversary should be of course celebrated! So what would you buy? The classic fiftieth-anniversary gift is made out of gold. What about a gold bracelet, a gold pair of earrings or a gold chain? Alternatively, a watch with a gold case would make a fabulous gift. 

So here are some anniversary present ideas from a first wedding anniversary, a fifth wedding anniversary to a fiftieth wedding anniversary. Let me know what would you buy to celebrate an anniversary? 

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